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Chane 'Arx' A5rx-c floorstanding loudspeaker

The Chane A5rx-c high-output, high-performance loudspeaker blends a unique but proven array of components and technologies with true leading value in a substantial main-channel loudspeaker system.

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$399.00 Ea

Owner Comments

"The sound stage is pretty huge for these speakers ... the sound seems to be everywhere ... amazingly clear ... it sounds beautiful and coherent." -RM

"...[upon break-in] the bass opened up in a way that defies the size of the drivers, and the mid to treble balance became astoundingly refined." -TL

"...the best piece of audio gear that I own." -BB

"The sound is phenomenal ... with well recorded jazz tracks, the precision and quality of bass is unparalleled in anything I have heard below $2000. The mids and highs are clean and articulate." -JT

"The sense of separation, or air between each sound source was fascinating ... imaging was rock stable ... I had to be pried away ... a sheer joy ... this speaker begs to be listened to, not just heard, but to really listen ... just plain show stoppers." -Home Theater Shack

"The Arx A5x's have a fundamental core of musicality ... surrounded by sound, you just want to turn off the lights and let an album play all the way through." -CB

"I [am] completely blown away ... can see deep into the soundstage ... play flat out loud and clean with no noticeable distortion ... front stage presentation is huge and seamless ... the knuckle rap felt like solid wood ... quite obvious where the money was spent. A speaker must be musically competent and distinguish music from sound, the A5 does this in spades ... I am WOWED."- JN

"The A5 passed with flying colors ... highs were clear and transparent ... did not experience ear fatigue ... musicality and the exactness of the sound did not break [with] very high volume." -RT

"Clarity, transparency, efficiency and value ... sound much larger than their physical size ... they are transparent and disappear into the background." -BG

"Great soundstage ... amazing imaging ... I could pinpoint each solo voice ... the speakers disappear and you just hear the music ... the sound was absolutely transparent ... the A5s sound like there are no speakers, just the music ... nobody expects a speaker this good at its price." -WW

The better affordable loudspeaker

The Internet-direct channel can offer customers excellent audio gear for less than expected. At Chane we expect it to also offer real musical enjoyment.

The A5rx-c is a compact, five-driver, three-way system using triple high output SplitGap woofers plus dedicated midrange driver and Chane planar tweeter. Audiophiles will think of the A5rx-c system as a responsive midrange-treble satellite speaker dovetailed to an exceptionally powerful midbass and bass foundation. Naturally, the A5rx-c needs no speaker stand.

But under the hood is where the Chane A5rx-c's magic happens. Here the A5rx-c is a clean, simple, design with the dynamic freedom to create both substantial soundfields and wideband power and slam. Deep bass reflex tuning makes the A5rx-c a wideband powerhouse, suitable for use alone or augmented by a quality subwoofer

The result is open-sounding, dynamically responsive, involving to hear, and authentic to the recording.

Technology not found elsewhere for the money

The A5rx-c is Chane's most potent compact main speaker. It uses the same advanced technology as the ground-breaking model A3rx-c, and, standing just over forty inches tall, has the same dimensions as the A3rx-c.

The third SplitGap woofer adds 50% more cone area and "volume displacement" over the A3rx-c. System impedance drops to a nominal 6 ohms and sensitivity rises to over 90dB. A special new midrange driver makes its debut in the A5rx-c, making it the only 3-way Chane model. The A5rx-c's five drivers are arranged in-phase for constant power. Off-axis response is uniform and wide.

The A5rx-c is powerful - it has some three times the volume displacement of typical compact floorstanding loudspeakers - but because of a minimalist but technically sophisticated design, it's also acoustically very refined. It's built more for clarity than sheer volume.

Intended use

The Chane A5rx-c is a freestanding main loudspeaker. Like the A3, it sounds best with its front face about 24" from major boundaries. Diffraction compensation equalizes the speaker's frequency response so that as omnidirectional low frequencies begin to wrap around the cabinet, more directional middle and upper frequencies remain tonally balanced.

The A5rx-c's bass section is convertible between bass refex - with an aerodynamically-flared rear port that provides bass reinforcement at low frequencies - and acoustic suspension. The reflex port is designed for high flow and compliments the A5rx-c's higher maximum output. Included port plug converts the A5rx-c to a sealed system to be used closer to major boundaries.

Acoustically the A5rx-c is transparent and responds well to both very good amplification and your best recordings. Simpler satellite-subwoofer combinations cannot meet this level of sound quality - the A5rx-c has a more refined, more cohesive acoustical signature.

Aerodynamic, low-velocity bass reflex port. Port plug converts the A5rx-c to acoustic suspension.

Left - The Chane A5rx-c dedicated midrange driver. This transducer is designed for high resolution at higher frequencies.

With its sensitive midrange driver, the three-way arrangement frees the design to achieve higher resolution and higher power at the same time.

Below - Below the special midrange driver and three same-sized SpltGap woofers have matched cast aluminum frames.

Heavy removable carpet spikes for a stable acoustical platform and improved focus.

The A5rx-c speaker's acoustics complement the rest of the Chane line, allowing you to mix and match easily.

Matching Chane models feature a no-frills Black Ash PVC vinylwrap finish over heavy CNC mill-cut panels, assembled and finished by a top production facility.

Together, special drivers, solid design expertise, and Chane tuning produces the satisfying sound and excellent value the entire line is known for.

Musical authenticity is uncommon for the money

Chane A5rx-c owners are unanimous: They prefer a certain something the A5rx-c does that they don't find elsewhere, even at substantially more cost. What should we credit for these reactions? Great components, smart design, and comprehensive tuning.

Chane's formula is experience and dedication. We're consistently told the A5rx-c sounds like we intended it. Authentic. Musical.

Chane users enjoy the art of audio.

About The Technology

The planar magnetic tweeter. High power, low distortion, cleaner treble.

The audio world is chock-full of conventional technology. Chane speakers use a special "planar-magnetic", flat tweeter instead.

The emitting diaphragm in each Chane tweeter is a micro-light, high temperature, polymer film membrane uniformly driven by powerful neodymium magnets. Foil conductors are permanently bonded to it.

That's it: The Chane planar tweeter's emmissive surface avoids the complex mechanical interplay and failure modes that plague conventional tweeters. Plus, this treble driver has response to beyond 30kHz, a half octave or more beyond most dome tweeters.

The Chane tweeter also has up to four times more radiating area, giving it a proportional reduction in intermodulation distortion and a clearly audible advantage. The planar magnetic tweeter also has high thermal and electrical power handling.

Want more? Virtually non-existant electrical inductance means the Chane tweeter's very highest frequencies are unimpeded and undistorted by the limitations of conventional technologies.

It's a convincing argument: Unlike the lesser domes found in common speakers at Chane's low cost, the planar magnetic or "ribbon" tweeter sounds better at every volume level.

Download the User Guide

Chane models also feature "SplitGap" midwoofers with "XBL2" dual-gap technology. These drivers have radically higher excursion and very low distortion.

XBL2 "SplitGap" is an uncommon, licensed technology. Deep in the driver's motor a second drive gap is carefully positioned so that where a conventional woofer gives up, a Chane cone can move twice as far, linearly.

Chane motor technology almost doubles the speaker's "volume displacement" - the amount of air the woofer driver can move - but SplitGap motors also have more uniform cone drive, greatly extending and lowering distortion at any point of motion. SplitGap slashes distortion by about 40%.

SplitGap woofers have shorter voice coils for lower moving mass and lower inductance, giving Chane speakers excellent midrange reproduction.

Copper in the SplitGap motor reduces distortion-causing flux modulation, extends linear response, and improves thermal sinking at higher power levels.

The Chane high performance midwoofer, while having the broader midrange dispersion and higher frequency extension of a 5.25" cone, can move as much or more air as a good 6.5" woofer.

SplitGap greatly reduces distortion, runs cooler, and can take more power. All Chane SplitGap midwoofers are precision-tuned to each Chane model.

SplitGap bass technology is the foundation of each Chane model.

Heavy gold-plated input terminals accept all common cable terminations.

Crossover networks

All Chane models have precision crossover assemblies optimized for linear power and predictable dispersion. Tens of thousands of CAD-derived variables are calculated and recalculated before we finish each network design.

Components are best quality, featuring epoxy circuit boards, low-loss inductors, premium film capacitors, and special non-inductive resistors for critical signal areas.

All models are designed with in-phase output, flat response within industry standards, and optimized off-axis dispersion. Each is further tuned by ear for the highest degree of musicality we can give them, a critical step and the final element of the Chane sound.


Extreme performance absolutely requires a quiet enclosure. All Chane cabinets feature heavy, braced enclosures, cabinets assembled from computer-cut panels by one of the best cabinetmakers in the industry. While not fancy, these enclosures are perfectly tuned and heavy enough for great sonics at any level.

Give an Chane model the knuckle-rap test. Then compare it to the competition. In many cases Chane models weigh 20% more than same-class products costing twice as much.

Lastly, extreme Chane value prevents deluxe furniture finishes, which is why every model is finished in simulated Black Ash PVC. This finish cleans easily, blends in, and with reasonable care, lasts a long time.


  • 3" wideband planar-magnetic tweeter
  • 135mm midrange with alloy phase plug and frame, curvilinear cone, and low distortion motor
  • Triple high-excursion SplitGap 135mm midwoofers with XBL2 technology
  • Precision electronic dividing network
  • Convertible, extended bass reflex acoustic alignment
  • Port plug (included) adds setup and use options
  • High power handling
  • Simulated black ash PVC finish
  • Includes black fabric grille
  • Detachable base included
  • Five year warranty
  • Includes Chane Music & Cinema's 30-day in-home satisfaction guarantee


  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-25kHz +/- 3dB
  • Low Frequency cutoff: 43Hz -6dB
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m): 90dB
  • Sensitivity (2.83v/1m): 92dB
  • System type: Convertible bass reflex
  • Nominal Impedance: true 6 Ohms*
  • Recommended Power: 20-300W
  • Dimensions: 1025 x 180 x 260mm
  • Dimensions: 40.35 x 7.1 x 10.25in
  • Net Weight: 25kg / 55lbs each

*Competing models may technically be 4 ohm speakers driven by 2.83v, or 2 Watts, which adds up to 3dB to their true efficiency.

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