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    Default hORNS updates 2017; prices trimmed

    hORNS has announced a number of attractive changes for 2017. Among them are lower prices and two new product options. All models can be seen at Chane's hORNS channel, here.

    The hORNS FP6 is now priced at $2900 the pair, all standard finishes included. Custom colors extra.

    Model FP10 has been lowered to $5000/pr., all standard finishes included.

    The FP15 is now available with a Beryllium treble diaphragm (+350/pr) and has been cut to $8500/pr. in standard finishes.

    hORN's Mummy molded 2-way floor speaker now includes an anti-vibration base and unlimited color options. Price is $6,700/pr.

    The top-of-the-line hORNS Universum 3-way with Beryllium treble driver standard is now $27,000/pr.

    Packages are available. Dealer inquires welcomed.



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