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Swan M50W

High output and great looks combine in the latest Swan 2.1 system. The M50W's powerful subwoofer offers more output, while the Swan Diva-look cabinet dresses up your desktop.

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$198.00 Set

Dynamic Swan Diva styling and sound for the desktop

The high-output Swan M50W 2.1 channel system offers enthusiasts another breakthrough value in an affordable 2.1 channel desktop format. With a high-energy subwoofer and lots of onboard power, the Swan M50W pushes performance audio to a new low price and a great new look and sound.

The most popular Swan 2.1 channel system since the Swan M10

Like the very popular but smaller M10, the Swan M50W is a stereo 2.1 channel system. The M50W's two satellite speakers each use a genuine 20mm aluminum alloy dome tweeter for the fabulous high frequency performance Swan is known for, and a 3.5" midwoofer with oversized shielded motor and critically-damped paper-hybrid cone for excellent midrange and midbass. The M50W has a powerful long-throw subwoofer containing amplifiers that power all three speakers. Stereo line-level inputs connect the master speaker to almost any signal source. The M50W's clean, ample, conservatively-rated internal amplification means that the M50W doesn't sound like any other "multimedia" speaker. control

  • Powerful 2.1 channel system
  • 6.5" long-throw Swan Diva style subwoofer
  • 20mm aluminum dome tweeters and 90mm shielded midwoofers in each good looking Swan Diva style cabinet
  • Includes illuminated aluminum desktop volume control
  • Connects to any portable or line-output music source
  • Includes acoustically transparent grilles
  • Includes 1 meter stereo RCA-to-RCA cable
  • Includes 1 meter 3.5mm phone plug-to-RCA adapter cable


Left - the M50W's mass-loaded 6.5" woofer delivers fantastic bass performence.

Left - Anodized aluminum desktop on/off tap switch and volume control is illuminated. Red when on, blue when off.

Right - The M50W alloy dome tweeter. Clean and clear sounding with excellent power handling.

The twenty-five pound M50W is the latest in popular Swan 2.1 channel systems. It comes finished in Swan Diva-style bentwood and simulated rosewood finish over real wood construction. Under $300 for the entire system, the M50W is a big step up from just about any 2.1 channel multimedia system, plus the compact size of the satellites means they fit nearly anywhere.

Easy and fun to use, plus they look great

The M50W shares style and performance with the leading Swan Diva home theater systems, and all three modules have polished Diva Piano Black top and bottom caps plus bentwood enclosures. A stylish, black-anodized aluminum desktop volume control houses Internal 2-stage LED illumination that glows red or blue depending on system status - tap the desktop control for on and tap again for off. The Swan M50W system powers up with a simple detachable line cord, and your choice of two included input cables connect this system to virtually any line-level output ... from personal portable audio device to computer to A/V system to gaming rig.

About The Technology

From the entry-level H2 to the top T200c studio monitor, the Swan name has been associated with top audio performance for desktop or studio for years. Every Swan multimedia system incorporates high grade components, design, and value. Count on Swan for a number of important design features that all add up to a superior listening experience...for less!

Substantial size

Acoustic laws state that a larger speaker has better efficiency and bass response. Dollar for dollar, Swan multimedia speakers are substantial, solid designs - check dimensions and weights to see just how much speaker your money buys...and then compare to anything on the market.


Regardless of price, all multi-way Swan multimedia systems use high performance soft dome tweeters with Neodymium motors. The top T200c employs 28mm Danish-style tweeters with German-made silk domes, while the M200 series models and D1080 series models feature 25mm soft fabric tweeters. Even the economical M10 and D1010 have 20mm soft dome tweeters. Every Swan speaker in the multi-way category shares similar high frequency treble performance to Swan's Diva home theater speaker offerings.

Midbass / Woofers

Excluding the Swan M10, D1010IV, and fullrange models such as the H2, nearly all Swan Active Desktop loudspeakers use beefy 5.25" woofers - unlike competitors, Swan doesn't use 3", 4", or even 4.5" "woofers" in anything except the very smallest models or in satellite speakers supported by bass systems. Combined with each multi-way model's larger size, you get deep, low-distortion bass. The excellent sensitivity of a larger system also means Swan can employ higher quality, conservatively rated internal amplifiers.


Swan uses high quality amplifiers and on-board electronics to deliver the clean, clear, musical sound Swan owners have come to depend on. Swan has included renowned, audiophile-grade "gainclone" chipset amplification in its powered models, a technology known transparent, musically-authentic sound, even in the high end of premium home audio amplifiers.


Swan multimedia systems use substantial wood product enclosures weighing more than anything in their price class. The M200 series are double-side wall construction, while the top T200c uses a mill-cut aluminum baffle overlay on top of polished black lacquer. The M200MkIII even includes solid milled laminate side planks for a look and value unique in its class.


  • Magnetically shielded
  • 6.5" long-throw subwoofer
  • Advanced 90mm / 3.5" midwoofers
  • 20mm aluminum alloy dome tweeters
  • Internally-lit, two-position desktop volume control and on/off switch
  • Internally amplified
  • Back panel bass control
  • Detachable power cable
  • Simulated PVC rosewood finish
  • Removable black fabric grilles
  • Includes 1 meter stereo RCA-to-RCA cable
  • Includes 1 meter 3.5mm phone plug-to-RCA adapter cable
  • Manufacturer's 1-year warranty included


  • Frequency Response, subwoofer: 38Hz-120Hz
  • Frequency Response, satellites: 120Hz-20kHz
  • Voltage Sensitivity: 150mv
  • Internal Power, subwoofer: 75W
  • Internal Power, satellites: 18W each
  • Line Voltage Frequency: 120v / 60Hz
  • Dimensions, subwoofer: 285 x 327 x 251mm
  • Dimensions, subwoofer: 11.25 x 12.9 x 9.9in
  • Dimensions, satellites: 140 x140 x 180mm
  • Dimensions, satellites: 5.5 x 5.5 x 7.1in
  • Net Weight: 13.25kg / 30lbs set

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