Chane A1.4

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Chane A1.4

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Are There Any Affordable Shelf Speakers That Don't Scrimp on Tech and Quality?

It's not easy telling dozens of inexpensive shelf speakers on the market apart. Whether from appliance stores, auction sites, or mega-etailers, they're everywhere, all boasting mostly cosmetic differences to mostly generic technology. With so many to select from and with so little obvious difference between them, where can the smart shopper find a real tech difference and a difference in real sound?

With 35 years of experience and hundreds of designs under our belts, Chane deliberately set out almost ten years ago to carefully mine our resources, precisely match some genuinely effective technologies, develop classic but comprehensive under-the-hood designs, and launch an affordable speaker series with real benefits.

Why do we consistently get such high marks in ears-on comparisons? We put more in so our customers get more out. Chane's A1.4 shelf speaker is simply different. Ultimately it's the sound of exceptional, savvy design from the brand that refuses to compromise.

Looking for an option, one packed with real tech and quality instead of vague marketing claims or flashy looks? Want a loudspeaker straight from the folks who designed it, straight to your door and guaranteed to please or your money back? In its class the fourth-generation A1.4 is that affordable, sophisticated alternative.

What's Different?

First, there are no regular drivers here at all; no standard woofers, domes, or AMTs. Instead, Chane's licensed XBL2 SplitGap midwoofer and pro-style planar leaf tweeter deliver cleaner, far more dynamic sound - they cost us substantially more but they deliver real results.

Then, Chane's 100% in-house, custom design engineering integrates them using high grade internal electronics that also cost us significantly more but acoustically intrude less. Finally, Chane's low-resonance enclosures are up to 70% heavier and experienced, extensive fine tuning focuses everything to deliver an affordable speaker like no other.

What is XBL2? It's how we virtually double clean, dynamic speaker output. Drop us a line for the white paper - it's real tech and only Chane offers it for this little.

Purpose-built, Right Down to the Small Details

Chane's higher-dynamic planar leaf tweeter includes a new molded all-aluminum lens for tighter, smoother response to well beyond 30kHz. Chane's CAD-designed and hand-tuned crossover uses no electrolytic capacitors. The A1.4's thick, acoustically dense cabinet is perimeter-braced and up to a third heavier and heavy acoustical treatment inside the cabinet keeps the sound clean. The rear port won't project unwanted energy forward, and gold-plated twist input terminals accept heavier gauge audio cables.

The extra-duty A1.4 is finished in the same stealthy simulated black ash as the rest of the line and includes a removable black knit grille and an acoustical port plug to optionally convert the A1.4 to sealed operation.

An Impressive Feature List

Chane didn't build the A1.4 to resemble a regular speaker. We specifically built it to outclass it.

  • 1.25" x 2.25" flat panel leaf tweeter
    • Uniform, high-output thermoplastic diaphragm
    • High energy Neodymium motor
    • Very high frequency extension to over 30kHz
    • Higher output and power handling than domes
    • Resistive amplifier load for consistent neutrality
  • New molded aluminum treble face plate
    • Acoustical flare and lens for flatter, smoother response
    • Improved acoustic phasing and design integration
  • 135mm/5.25" high-excursion SplitGap mid-woofer with XBL2 motor
    • Exotic, licensed technology for linear cone excursion
    • Distortion reduced 50% versus conventional drivers
    • Critically-damped natural cellulose fiber cone for exceptional resolution
    • Copper SplitGap ring and short voice coil improve responsiveness
    • Aluminum frames and enormous, twin-gapped, double-ventilated motors
    • High thermal capacity for reliable, high output
  • Chane's 0.4 series precision dividing network
    • Acoustical 4th order function for neutral, linear response and wide dispersion
    • Electrolytic-free: 100% High grade polypropylene and Mylar capacitors throughout
    • Very heavy-gauge inductors and special non-inductive resistors improve frequency extremes
    • Heavy foil, discrete epoxy circuit boards for high electrical integrity
    • 100% soldered board and lead technique for long life
  • Solid, 18mm braced acoustical cabinet
    • Up to 50% heavier than conventional models
    • More volume for deeper bass response
    • Convertible bass reflex acoustic alignment with flared rear port for low coloration
    • Included port plug converts the A1.4 to sealed mode
    • Heavy-gauge internal poly damping
    • Handsome seamless simulated black ash PVC finish
    • Includes detachable low diffraction black fabric grille with stainless steel pegs and low resonance rubber cups
  • Heavy gold-plated five-way input terminals accept common cable terminations
  • The A1.4 is packed as pairs in heavy foam cradles and triple-wall cartons
  • Includes Chane Music & Cinema's 30-day in-home satisfaction guarantee (see Terms)
  • Five year warranty

Affordable Good Sound Starts Here

Chane models consistently lead their fields because we lavish outstanding tech and over 30 years of solid design expertise on them. The A1.4's techniques give it even more of the bigger, clearer, and more dimensional sound hundreds of music lovers have come to expect from even the most affordable Chane speaker.

The Chane A1.4 is a genuine alternative for smart budgets.

  • Frequency response: 50Hz-31.5kHz +/- 3dB
  • Low frequency cutoff: 45Hz -6dB
  • Sensitivity (1w/1m): 86dB
  • System type: Convertible bass reflex
  • Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Recommended music power: 20-100W
  • Dimensions: 340 x 180 x 250mm
  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 7.1 x 9.85in
  • Net Weight: 7.3kg / 16lbs each

Rust: on listening axis
Blue: 10 degrees (horizontal)
Green: 20 degrees
Gold: 30 degrees
Black: 40 degrees

Rust: on listening axis
Blue: +10 degrees (vertical)
Green: +20 degrees
Gold: -10 degrees
Black: -20 degrees

Black: impedance magnitude

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