The Tech

Alternative technologies, exacting design, higher build quality, and lots of musical tuning are the features that set the A Series apart.

+ flat planar tweeter
+ SplitGap woofer with XBL2 tech
+ careful design and tuning
+ heavy construction and no-frills styling

Planar Flat Tweeter

Chane's flat magnetic leaf tweeter extends response to over 30kHz. High dynamic range and power handling matches the super-duty Chane woofer, while superb dispersion grants a neutral, open sound.

SplitGap Mid-Woofers

Special SplitGap mid-woofers with licensed XBL2 technology deliver far greater cone excursion while slashing distortion. Expect powerful, authoritative sound plus higher output and reliability.

Organic Sound Quality

Chane's innovative design and tuning insures the A series' uniquely natural, organic, top-rated sound quality. Even our internal electronics are grades ahead of the usual. This is high-end, prosumer sound for less.

Transparent Sonic Signature

We understand that what you take out also counts. Chane's heavy-duty, braced enclosures are quieter, less audible, and can be a third heavier than some lightweight cabinets. Our transparent sonic signature demands it.

The A Series

Mix and match your way to exceptional sound for music and cinema. All models are carefully coordinated to work perfectly together

Chane A1.5

Per Pair

$309.00 $349.00

Chane A2.4

Per Item

$249.00 $279.00

Chane A5.4

Per Item



See what experienced experts say about the Chane A Series. Or check the A Series product pages for scores of real user reviews. We've been discovered.

Great speakers, love the mid-range and dialogue with these. They also really come to life in the bass department after some break-in. Great purchase, Chane products are wonderful! I will be purchasing more for sure...

I've now been using Chane A2.4's in a LRC setup for a couple months and can attest they create a wonderful sound stage. Even near reference volume they don't 'sound' loud, just pleasing to the ear. The sound stage is so wide it can call attention to itself because you ... Read More

Good after-sales service, product quality than I expected in the good, I will continue to choose this network to order my favorite products...