Chane A5rx-c

Chane A5rx-c


#1 rated affordable tower loudspeaker in its class

The Internet-direct channel can offer customers excellent audio gear for less than expected. At Chane we expect that it also offer real musical enjoyment. It takes a lot to beat whole fields of competing designs ranging to $2500 in direct comparisons but the A5 platform has done just that.

The A5rx-c is the top-rated, five-driver, three-way system using triple high output SplitGap woofers with licensed XBL2 technology, plus a dedicated midrange driver and Chane flat leaf tweeter. Acoustically, audiophiles can think of the A5rx-c as a responsive midrange-treble satellite speaker above an exceptionally powerful midbass and bass foundation. Naturally, the A5rx-c needs no speaker stand.

What is XBL2? Drop us a line for our white paper. This is real tech and only Chane offers it for this little.

Under the hood the A5rx-c is a clean, classic design with the dynamic freedom to create substantial soundfields, wideband acoustical power, and real slam. The A5rx-c is dynamically responsive, involving to hear, and authentic to the recording.

Technology not found elsewhere for the money

Standing just over forty inches tall, the A5rx-c deploys three SplitGap midwoofers for lots of cone area and displacement. A special midrange driver makes its debut in the A5rx-c, making it the only 3-way Chane model. The A5rx-c's five drivers are arranged in-phase for constant power. Off-axis response is uniform and wide.

The A5rx-c is powerful - it has some three times the volume displacement of similar compact floor-standing loudspeakers - but because of a minimalist but technically sophisticated design, it's also acoustically refined. Although it plays loud, it's built more for smooth, open clarity than sheer volume.

Intended use

The Chane A5rx-c is a freestanding main loudspeaker and like virtually all capable main floor speakers, sounds best away from major boundaries. To aid subwoofer integration the convertible bass reflex system can be defeated with a charcoalester foam plug, included. The removable base comes with adjustable pointed feet, and removable black fabric grilles are included.

Satellite-subwoofer combinations cannot meet this level of refined sound quality - the A5rx-c has a more consistent, more cohesive acoustical signature.

A musical authenticity uncommon for the money

Chane A5rx-c owners are virtually unanimous: They prefer a certain something the A5rx-c does that they don't find elsewhere, even at substantially more cost. What should we credit for these reactions? Great components, smart design, and comprehensive tuning.

  • 1.25" x 2.25" flat panel leaf tweeter
    • Very high frequency extension
    • High output and power handling
    • Resistive amplifier load
  • Triple 135mm high-excursion SplitGap midwoofers with XBL2 motors
    • Very long, linear cone excursion
    • Distortion reduced over 50% versus conventional drivers
    • Aluminum frames, damped cones, and double-ventilated motors
    • High thermal capacity for reliable, high output
  • Dedicated 135mm midrange
    • Light cone and extended response
    • Aluminum frame, damped cone, and double-ventilated motor
    • Aluminum phase plug and heat sink
    • High thermal capacity for reliable, high output
  • Precision electronic dividing network
    • Hybrid 3-way crossover for linear dispersion and flat response
    • Polypropylene capacitors in critical signal areas
    • Heavy-gauge inductors and non-inductive resistors improve frequency extremes
  • Convertible bass reflex acoustic alignment
  • Heavy 18mm braced construction
  • Simulated black ash PVC finish
  • Includes black fabric grille
  • Removable black base plate with adjustable pointed feet
  • Gold-plated input terminals accept common cable terminations
  • Port plug (included) adds setup and use options
  • Includes Chane Music & Cinema's 30-day in-home satisfaction guarantee
  • Five year warranty
  • Frequency Response: 47Hz-25kHz +/- 3dB
  • Low Frequency cutoff: 40Hz -6dB
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m): 90dB
  • Sensitivity (2.83v/1m): 92dB
  • System type: Convertible bass reflex
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Recommended Power: 20-300W
  • Dimensions: 1025 x 180 x 260mm
  • Dimensions: 40.35 x 7.1 x 10.25in
  • Detachable Base: 1" thick, 11"w x 14"d
  • Screw-on feet (four places): 1.25" diameter x 1.5" tall
  • Net Weight: 25kg / 55lbs each

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"...incredible value ... very revealing."

"...unmatched by anything else in the market anywhere near the price ... the first thing people comment on is always the sound quality."

"The sound stage is pretty huge for these speakers ... the sound seems to be everywhere ... amazingly clear ... it sounds beautiful and coherent."

"...[upon break-in] the bass opened up in a way that defies the size of the drivers, and the mid to treble balance became astoundingly refined."

"...the best piece of audio gear that I own."

"The sound is phenomenal ... with well recorded jazz tracks, the precision and quality of bass is unparalleled in anything I have heard below $2000. The mids and highs are clean and articulate."

"The sense of separation, or air between each sound source was fascinating ... imaging was rock stable ... I had to be pried away ... a sheer joy ... this speaker begs to be listened to, not just heard, but to really listen ... just plain show stoppers."
-Home Theater Shack

"The Arx A5x's have a fundamental core of musicality ... surrounded by sound, you just want to turn off the lights and let an album play all the way through."

"I [am] completely blown away ... can see deep into the soundstage ... play flat out loud and clean with no noticeable distortion ... front stage presentation is huge and seamless ... the knuckle rap felt like solid wood ... quite obvious where the money was spent. A speaker must be musically competent and distinguish music from sound, the A5 does this in spades ... I am WOWED."
- JN

"The A5 passed with flying colors ... highs were clear and transparent ... did not experience ear fatigue ... musicality and the exactness of the sound did not break [with] very high volume."

"Clarity, transparency, efficiency and value ... sound much larger than their physical size ... they are transparent and disappear into the background."

"Great soundstage ... amazing imaging ... I could pinpoint each solo voice ... the speakers disappear and you just hear the music ... the sound was absolutely transparent ... the A5s sound like there are no speakers, just the music ... nobody expects a speaker this good at its price."