Since 2009 Chane design has brought new technologies and thorough design engineering to affordable speakers. Adding our heavier construction and careful tuning to the mix makes our A series an unbeatable value for genuinely musical, authentic sound.

Over the years we’ve constantly evolved and upgraded our products to keep our users’ systems in top form. With the upcoming launch of the exciting new A5.4, the return of the popular A2.4, and as 2017 heads into Fall, we’d like to add a few more references to Chane’s list of hands-on, top-rated user experiences.

Here are excerpts from two more comprehensive user reports about Chane speakers from this year.

Audition of 4 mid-priced HT speakers

After auditioning the Chanes, I get a sense of why so many people like them. They seemed very real, not biased in any one area of the spectrum, and the imaging is great. They were by far the best on “Sultans of Swing”. My untrained ears could not find any real weaknesses with them. They are going to be tough to beat.

In the end, I chose the Chane A2.4. For my ears and my room, they were the best choice. As mentioned previously, cost was not a factor in this audition process […] The Chanes provided the best overall performance, and really excelled with music and dialog. The dialog aspect was particularly important, as my wife and I watch a fair amount of dramatic TV, and sometime the dialog on these shows becomes hard to hear […] for the price (and even twice the price) the Chanes are heard to beat…

Also from 2017 comes this comprehensive owner account of the sound of Chane.

The 9 Budget Speaker Shootout– Only 1 Winner

The clarity, detail, highs and mid achieving perfection won me over. The bass isn’t bad either, imaging is excellent and the soundstage is very good, They remain smooth, balanced, and never change their colors with higher volumes, the only speaker of the group that achieved this […] Give them power, as much power as you possibly can they don’t hiccup […] I felt like I was wearing Virtual Reality gear but focused on music, great imaging.

They are relaxed, neutral, and so calm […] Listening to music was such a joy, seemed like a lost art…

Please click the titles to read both reviews. They’re why Chane is the listener’s choice time after time.