Writing for Home Theater Shack, Dennis Young reviews the sound of an all-Chane A2rx-c multichannel home cinema.  The A2rx-c is an affordable, high-energy solution for home theater, and provides clean, immersive, dynamic sound.  Click through to the article for more.

An excerpt:

I’ve experienced in its price range or under is going to better its resolution and clarity. If you want that last little bit of resolution, then you will have to spend more, likely a lot more. Fit and finish is high, so even if this speaker sounded average, the A2rx-c would be a great value based on build quality alone. Add in the exemplary, class leading sound and its value skyrockets. On that note, I will also add, the Chane A2rx-c takes on many mega-buck speakers, posing the question, “Why spend more?”. Is the A2rx-c the greatest speaker in the world? No, but I feel it is one of the world’s great speakers at its price.