Writing at Home Theater Shack, Wayne Myers highlights the Chane ‘Arx’ A5.

Chane ‘Arx’ speakers may never have the household name status of some prominent brands, but they will certainly be known by those who hear them properly as experience speakers. I had an Arx experience at a friend’s place recently. Wow. They make it hard to go back home.

An excerpt from another A5 fan in the thread:

We have reviewed about two dozen speakers ranging up to $3500 per pair using the same model for evaluation that we did in the first session where the Arx 5 was so well received. While there are certainly things that many of the more expensive speakers do better, by a very small margin, I continue to be intrigued and pleased, and continue to discover something new in music that I have been listening to for many years. The emotional connection to the music is certainly one of the things that the A5 delivers on. As I said in the review, very few speakers call me to listen more, or call me when listening from a distance. It is hard to describe how pleased I am with this product. -Leonard Caillouet

The improved A5rx-c launches later this year.