Recently four listeners at Home Theater Shack spent a weekend getting to know eight speaker models around $1,000. The Chane ‘Arx’ A5 was one of them ($750/pr).

The results are interesting. An excerpt from the commentary:
It was after completing the auditioning of the A5s thoroughly when I realized that what stood out about them was an overall sense of refinement. I could picture the design process carried out to the point where the measurements and listening characteristics seemed just about perfect, but one bothersome little detail would elicit a “Nope, that is not good enough,” and another level of refinement would follow. Attention to detail above and beyond the call, and applied repeatedly, all ultimately carried out with a sense of elegance and resulting in the A5 towers.

Click through to read the entire report. The Chane ‘Arx’ A5 has again been found to be an excellent loudspeaker.