At Home Theater Shack, Jim Wilson finds real music in the affordable Arx A1b:

…I started to dig deeper and deeper into my CD collection looking for old favorites, complex musical passages and songs with indecipherable lyrics for one simple reason; to see if I could trip up these speakers. I wasn’t really able to. Regardless of what I threw at them they always put a smile on my face. There were a few instances where I was able to make a little more sense from previously incomprehensible wording (I’m looking at you Steven Tyler). It wasn’t like the clouds parted and all of the sudden I could make out everything that was being mumbled — I mean sang — by some of these artists, but more than once I had an ‘ah ha!’ moment where a very familiar song finally gave up a few of its secret words. That’s something that often happens with good headphones.

The soundstage is equally remarkable; stand up, sit down, move to the side, whatever, it hardly made any difference. The balance changed very little unless you got way off center. The proverbial “sweet spot” is more like a “sweet area” instead, so you aren’t necessarily penalized for sitting in the ‘wrong’ seat with the Arx speakers.


I pine for speakers that have detail, clarity and a wide soundstage. Dynamics must be spot on, there can’t be any harshness or audible compression until the volume gets painfully loud, and every nuance has to be clear and precise. Oh yea, they also must be dirt cheap. That, in a nutshell, describes the Arx speakers. Another way to describe them would be Value, with a capital V. I’m not sure how (or more accurately, why) TAI is selling them this cheap, but if you’re in the market for a home theater or stereo system comprised of speakers with exceptional qualities make sure you don’t plunk your money down on anything until you give the Arx a try. If you are the type of person who loves to hear others say in total disbelief “you only paid how much for those?!” then Arx needs to be on your short list. Their appearance might not win any prizes, but the extraordinary sound they create certainly could.