Product pages for the exciting new Chane A1.4 and A2.4 are now online. Both models feature a number of updates, and in one case, a unique solution to an old problem. Click through for more information.

Production has begun, and we’ll publish the product arrival schedule as soon as we have it. Externally the A1.4 and A2.4 are virtually unchanged, but include a variety of internal enhancements.

First, the new Chane A1.4.

  • New aluminum treble faceplate and waveguide for 2016
    • Very high frequency extension to 32.5kHz
    • Improved acoustical phasing and flatter response
    • Improved integration with midbass drivers
  • 135mm high-excursion SplitGap midwoofer with XBL2 motor
    • Improved sensitivity and linearity for 2016
    • Very long, linear cone excursion
    • Distortion reduced 50% versus conventional drivers
    • Aluminum frames, damped cones, and double-ventilated motors
    • High thermal capacity for reliable, high output

The new model A1.4 is 10mm shallower and 10mm shorter than the A1rx-c. Bass extension has been very slightly reduced while sensitivity has been increased. Click the Features and Specifications tabs at the product page for more.

Next, the new Chane A2.4. The features above have been applied to the A2.4 as well, which also includes the following:

  • Chane’s new 2016 0.4 series precision dividing network
    • Audibly improved dispersion across big, 50-degree listening window (long axis)
    • Exceptional acoustical synchronization enhances transient response, “voice”, and dynamics
    • Revolutionizes dispersion and focus for affordable MTM speakers
    • Unprecedentedly uniform response for 3-speaker, LCR front speaker arrays
    • Polypropylene capacitors in critical signal areas
    • Heavy-gauge inductors and non-inductive resistors improve frequency extremes

The new A2.4’s dimensions are unchanged from the A2rx-c, but the model now includes a substantial evolution of the A2rx-c’s crossover. The new crossover technology pays added attention to the acoustical lobing that can reduce sound quality from MTM (symmetrical horizontal midrange-tweeter-midrange) speakers.

Testing and in-field beta review shows the A2.4 to be a capable performer with equal prowess as a center speaker or powerful vertical monitor for main left and right channels. With its outstanding sound quality Chane M&C projects the A2.4 to be a formidable competitor for high performance multi-channel and 2.0 systems.

(Popular outgoing models A1rx-c and A2rx-c have sold out and are discontinued.)