What do you do for a extreme value? Ask Don Lindich about what to do with only $1250:

For the money you simply can’t do better than an Arx (Chane) system. Even if you are willing to spend more I would say quite a large segment of the population would be thrilled with the sound to the point where spending more wouldn’t make sense. If you are a hardcore or budding A/V enthusiast with cash to spend, a serious movie and music buff, or want your speakers to have a finish like fine furniture you may be best served shopping upmarket, but most people will listen to these, say wow! and sit back and smile, satisfied. Arx brings exotic driver technology to an unheard-of price point and it is well implemented, at that. The wrapper is plain but the guts are amazing!

Don Lindich's $1250 Chane 'Arx' System

The $1250 Sound Advice System Mascot

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