At Affordable Audio Stew Nelles spends a lot of time with the A1b.  He likes it. Excerpts:

If the designer’s goal was to produce the best $300 loudspeaker possible given the manufacturing cost constraints and landed costs, I think he (as in the gender inclusive he/she) may have failed. If the cost consideration or direct comparisons were closer to double the price, I think that would be more fair to the competition. If one were to remove the price sticker from the A1bs, I think many may find the A1bs competitive with many speakers that sell for triple the price … no foolin’.

As someone who is a “PRAT” type and dedicated full-range single driver aficionado, the A1bs easily pass my musical litmus test. They are fast enough to be believable as ultra-bandwidth full-rangers rather than a two-way design. Here’s the quickest, shortest possible summary: The A1bs represent a “PRAT” type sound, loaded with hi-fi (sound-staging, imaging,etc.) attributes at an incredibly low price. I don’t think I can make any higher recommendation.

The A1b is a bona fide alternative for the music lover looking for the sound of an expensive, musical monitor in an economy wrapper.  Special technologies, very low-distortion drivers, expert design, solid construction by an industry leader, and extensive fine tuning guarantee superb value from this model and is siblings.

Read the entire review at the link above.