The new Arx A5 enjoys a perfect reputation, with every customer review confirming its precise, musical abilities. Excerpts from the latest in the A5’s review roster follow:

The A5 loudspeaker can flat out play loud and clean, with quantity, quality, finesse and fidelity at a price that almost anyone could afford. The knuckle rap felt like I was hitting a solid piece of wood, confirming my thoughts that it has a well braced and damped cabinet, it has a lot of heft for such a slim small footprint speaker. It is quite obvious where the money was spent with the production of this speaker. I researched the driver technology used in the A5 prior to purchase, the XBL2/splitgap and planar magnetic drivers seem to be of high quality and not found in speakers at this price point. Regardless of how good these driver technologies are, unless they are well implemented into the design parameters they would still be just good drivers and nothing more.

So how do they sound? I set them up well into the room away from front and side wall boundaries about eight feet apart and ten to LP, toed in towards seating area. […] focus and detail kept going through my mind along with dynamic, rhythm and pace and great tonal balance between individual instruments. These speakers will reveal the flaws in your recordings, there is no smoothing over these artifacts.

[…] The sound emanated from well beyond the enclosures providing a wide and deep stage to dive into. I expected the planars to be beamy and tizzy with laser like dispersion patterns, I was sorely mistaken,

[…] the A5’s conveyed the excitement and passion of the artists intentions. To quote a phrase from Mr. Dudley, a speaker must be musically competent and distinguish music from sound, and the Arx A5 does this in spades. If you’re looking for a loudspeaker that does almost everything right, is affordable and keeps your attention, look no further.