Chane Music & Cinema is excited to present the new A1.5 compact stand monitor, docking late June. The A1.5 is the fifth evolution of the original A1 model, a direct-to-consumer design originally aimed at simply exceeding performance value for commercial 5.25″ bookshelf speakers.

All A1 models have the patented SplitGap XBL2 woofer – with more higher clean output than conventional drivers – and a responsive, pro-style planar leaf tweeter. Cabinetry has always been reinforced and stout and A1’s can weigh twice that of their class. Internal electronics have always been higher grade than standard consumer-grade. Compared to the average there’s just been more tech and substance in an A1.

Over the past ten years the A1 platform has evolved too and now includes a long list of improvements and enhancements: First, a more responsive, higher-energy planar tweeter. A lighter aluminum treble voice coil. Improved SplitGap woofers for more suspension linearity and shorter break-in. Crossovers tuned to optimize these features. A larger cabinet for deeper bass, and better acoustical treatments. Lastly, a molded all-aluminum face plate and lens for smoother treble to well beyond 30kHz.

The A1.5 adds one more step to this long line of evolutionary updates. With the new, smaller Chane A4.5 onwall and multi-purpose speaker arriving Summer 2019, the A1.5 has been subtly adjusted to increase apparent power, image size, and breadth of sound stage. The A1.5 has better timing, a more open sound, and the sense it’s a larger speaker than it looks. While still an evolutionary step, the new Chane A1.5 is more of a classic stand-alone monitor, however with stand-out SplitGap technology for bigger sound.

The A1.5 docks soon. Preliminary discounts are being offered and will expire June 15th. This is unprecedented value in an unexpectedly authentic sound.