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A1.4 vs A2.4 LR

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  • A1.4 vs A2.4 LR

    I have happily settled on buying Chane speakers for a 2.0 setup that will likely eventually be upgraded to a 2.1 setup up, and then a 3.1 setup. I really wanted to spend around $300.00 for my LR, which would lead me to buying the A1.4s, but it will be for a fairly large space(about 15x20, main listening spot about 12' from speakers). The living room space that that footage makes up is part of a much larger open concept kitchen/dining room area.

    I know this question can be highly subjective and I won't even truly know until it is set up, but would I be better off stretching my budget(and some wrath from my wife) and getting the A2.4s for my LR?

    Or would I be ok with the eventual A1.4s LR and A2.4 C?

    Again, I know it is subjective, just seeking a little advice from owners.

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    I'm am of the persuasion that a little more is better than not enough. The A1 is a great speaker but you'll gain some extra cone area w/ the A2. I'm running A1's for my surrounds and center and I've had moments were I think I should have waited for the A2's to restock. I"m in a 20x40. Just my experience. In a small room the A1 will do fine but you'll never regret getting the slightly larger A2's.
    And to expand on that, if it was me, I'd get A5's for L/R and the A2 for a center considering your room size. I do like my audio at a louder level.


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      Yes, loudness is the key factor here (hear). The A1s will produce enough volume to hear any audio adequately. The question is how loud do you want to play the audio. If you want an immersive experience, the audio will need to be played at higher than moderate levels. Your main left/right speakers will be playing lower frequencies since you don't have a sub. The A1s may distort with the higher output, the A2s will be able to output much higher levels without distorting.
      If you can afford it, I would go with the A2s if you want louder output.