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Mounting A1.4's with TV mounts

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  • Mounting A1.4's with TV mounts

    I just purchased some A1.4's from Massdrop that will arrive in a couple of weeks (yay!)

    They're for my basement office / weight room. It's a long, narrow-ish space (maybe 20x12x8), and I want to position them at the far end of the room on either side of a fireplace (which I don't use). I have a chair perfectly positioned in the likely sweet spot. This is a multi-purpose room, and I have things packed in pretty tightly - there's nothing that I can remove and retain the function of the room. I just want to add sound that I can enjoy while lifting weights or cleaning - while making as few compromises as possible when I'm sitting in the sweet spot.

    There's not enough room to have stands properly placed, because I need to do deadlifts on one side and my bench encroaches slightly on the other side. I don't just want to mount the speakers on the wall up and out of the way, because I assume that's a fairly large compromise for my goal of having great sound in the sweet spot. My starting point is to use the port if possible, but if you think I should plug it (and perhaps get a sub), let me know. This is for music only, not TV. I listen mostly to classical (yes, even while working out).

    What I'm thinking is to use TV mounts like this, one for each speaker: There are two reasons these are intriguing:
    1. I can put the speakers at ear level and get them up to 15" from the wall, which seems useful if I want to use the port - I can't get them exactly where I suspect I'd put speakers on stands (if there weren't weights partially in the way), but I can get them pretty close.
    2. I can swing a speaker out of the way temporarily when I'm doing specific lifts - this is super important, as it would allow me to put the speakers almost where I want them for the sweet spot without sacrificing the current functionality of the room (and there would be nothing between the speakers and my ears when I'm in the sweet spot).

    I have two important questions about this that you might be able to help me with:
    1. Is my reasoning sound? Or am I over/under thinking something?
    2. Are those TV mounts "safe" for my speakers? I think there's room to screw the 100mm backplate into the back of the speakers between the port and the terminals. Would that put undue stress on the speakers? Would I be screwing into something that would damage the speakers? Would mounting them in that way hurt the sound in some way?

    I really appreciate the thoughts of this community. Thanks!

    BTW, there weren't a ton of these speakers sold on Massdrop in this last drop, but it introduced me to your brand and this community - so it clearly earned you one long-term customer :)
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    Here's a picture

    As you can see, the bench and the fireplace are the problems. I can't move the bench far enough toward the camera to place stands because my desk is where the camera is (small chair right in front). So I was thinking of hanging those mounts as close as possible to the fireplace at sitting ear level. I could just swing them in when using the bench in this position or swing them the other way when using the bench sitting up - but I don't know what I don't know.

    Click image for larger version

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      I would lose the candle stick holders and use something like this
      You can mount them a little higher and tilt them down a little at your sweet spot. Once set up through your receiver I would not move them.


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        I was wondering about those ... thanks!

        If I mount on those, the backs will be 3-6" from the wall - does that mean I should plug the port? If I plug the port, am I likely to want a sub for listening to classical, or will the range likely be good enough without it?

        Obviously, there's a certain amount of experimentation required, but since I don't get the speakers until later this month, I'm trying to absorb some knowledge ahead of time.

        Thanks again,


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          I think both brackets are fine in principle. Obviously one has to be certain they'll support the weight but since so many A1.4 users have already done this, I'd think that as long as you don't exceed their ratings they'd be fine.

          The A1.4 box is 18mm thick, and the crossover electronics are inside on the floor. I wouldn't necessarily drill all the way through the back of an A1.4, but even if you were to there's nothing there to hit except possibly the 18mm ring brace all the way around the inside four walls. Hitting that would actually increase the purchase of longer screws. Avoid the input plate and port tube, of course. You can also remove the woofer and bolt through the back of the box from inside.

          Acoustically the old rule is still best - get as much space between them and the wall as you can, at least given a fairly normal-sized residential room. That's not always possible so stopping the port helps mitigate some of the bloom a close large boundary imparts to the speaker's response.

          I'd just experiment. Even at four or five inches away with a little luck the room's dimensions hopefully won't conspire to add tons of boost just to the very spot on the wall you happened to select so they may sound fine with the ports open too.


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            Awesome - thanks for the input, both of you.

            Given that I have no time limit and that mounts are fairly inexpensive, I think I'll experiment with a few different approaches and have some fun with it.

            Thanks again!


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              I like your idea of using the TV mounts. They hold up to 44lbs and are more flexible than the typical speaker mounts (which I ended up using).

              I would say that the ports need to be plugged if they are within 1-2" of the wall, if further than 1-2", the ports aren't effected (or affected). As Jon mentioned, moving the speakers away from the wall isn't because the ports need to breath, but it is that the speaker, as a whole, sounds better when moved away from the wall. This is general acoustics with mostly all speakers and mostly all rooms. Using the longer arms of the TV mounts will help with this positioning.

              As far as adding a subwoofer with the ports open or plugged, wait and listen. The A1s put out plenty of bass output and has very good lower bass extension for it's size, but if you end up wanting lower bass extension, then a sub can be added later. Personally I always want proper representation of all frequencies, so I add subs whenever feasible. All genres of audio use sub bass frequencies (especially classical music).



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                Originally posted by gdstupak View Post
                ...moving the speakers away from the wall isn't because the ports need to breath, but it is that the speaker, as a whole, sounds better when moved away from the wall. This is general acoustics with mostly all speakers and mostly all rooms.
                Very true. For some reason we tend to get a little concerned about ports and their axis and spacing but it's the entire speaker that has far more to do with nearest boundaries than ports. Give a port half a foot and its oscillating slug of air is happy as a clam. Not so with speakers...


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                  we tend to get a little concerned about ports and their axis and spacing but it's the entire speaker that has far more to do with nearest boundaries than ports
                  Yeah, I don't know where I got it, but that's kinda what I thought ... thanks for the clarification.

                  I always want proper representation of all frequencies
                  Solid point - after I get these placed the way I want, I'll have to play with a sub, too.

                  So glad I found a place where I can talk to people about this stuff.



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                    Holy cow, these speakers are amazing!

                    I left a nice review on Massdrop, because more people from that community need to buy from Chane: (you'll need to login to see it, I think).

                    I started by putting them on stands:

                    Click image for larger version

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                    I could totally replicate this position with those tv mounts, and I probably will at some point ... but it turns out that it's pretty easy to move the right stand a foot or two in either direction to accommodate chest or shoulder presses - so I might never get around to it. :p

                    They sound incredible in the sweet spot (still experimenting with spacing and toe), but I'm perhaps even more shocked by how great they sound off-axis. I couldn't be happier with these. They are absolutely perfect for my situation.

                    An entire system for less than $400 (plus a few bucks for stands and speaker wire). I'm so thrilled.

                    Thank you so much for these great speakers, Jon!