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  • Wow, it's almost hard to believe production is finally near and only awaiting approval of one or more inductors. I recall in 2016 trying to decide between waiting for the L series or buying the A5rx-c. I'm very happy I went with the A5rx-c's but now can hardly wait for the L's. :)


    • Quick post-holiday update: Crossovers are due here any minute for final testing and inspections. Checking that box means we should be ready to produce these first six models. (Other very good news also came in today, but I'll go over that in other threads.) Sometimes the last details take longest to resolve but it seems we're where we want to be now.

      By the way, if anyone could use a very high value, very low cost, compact powered subwoofer this summer, check the forum sub channels for emerging news...


      • Update: The crossover team was out all last week so we didn't make much progress on the final units although this coming week could put us back on the right path and get this final element signed off. I'm excited to be nearing the end of development and getting this sound into your hands. As you'd expect we have a half dozen parties interested in doing early evaluations and reporting their findings. Based on what I heard putting this first set of six models together (the seventh was pushed into a slightly different program*) nobody wants to be at that stage more than I do.

        For those of you considering the A line, I have to report that they remain a deeply competitive series; maybe too competitive. You know the L line has larger and more expensive models as well as different design goals, but the A line compares exceptionally well. I say that as the only guy who's heard the incoming new A1.5 and its stepped-up soundstage and scale, but all the A models acquit themselves well by comparison to new Chane stuff I suspect will itself stand against - and probably surpass - some regarded flagship models out in the field in areas like focus and definition. I'm not speculating as much as that sounds: There are specific technical reasons for such a positive distinction.

        *Still in the offing are a good dozen other proven model concepts - all of them at least the sophistication and cost - of the L line. Being a small company we have to sneak up on them in sets of four or six because that's how our factories like to work. I've said before that much of the last three or four years has gone into developing the contrasting benefits of large scale economies and small batch supply. As unusual as that combination is we're all committed to it.

        That's it for now. More to come as it happens. Thanks for your very kind patience.


        • When will we hear more about the non L speakers which appear to be a horn type speaker? It could sway my purchase decision between the two different types of speakers based on further info.


          • Originally posted by bluemoon View Post
            When will we hear more about the non L speakers which appear to be a horn type speaker? It could sway my purchase decision between the two different types of speakers based on further info.
            As soon as production progresses just to the point we have a firm schedule and all the associated web materials (much of which is already written). Once there's nothing between us and any of this new product we'll take it live. Thanks for asking because this all exciting stuff.


            • Thanks Jon
              I've been following these developments since the inception of the l series and will wait to see what transpires.


              • Hi Jon

                Has the crossover team given their OK?


                • Please add me to the list for a pair of L7's


                  • Just finished a online meeting with the factory, folks. Production crossovers were delayed but are back on track. More soon as it develops...


                    • This is an example of a Chane crossover; this one from an A series model. Note the heavy-gauge inductors. The green resistors are special audio-grade units - they're in the tweeter's signal path - and the black capacitor in the back - also in the treble signal path - is well above the usual all-yellow Mylars a lot of brands use.

                      Click image for larger version

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                      We're in the process of producing these same sorts of units, at the same quality level, for the L models (as well as some other things). I thought we were good to go a few weeks ago but as you can see, there are always a few more things to finish.


                      • Speaking of the A line, any updates on the A6.4? Have you been able to work on it while waiting on the L models?


                        • Originally posted by tfrecka1 View Post
                          Speaking of the A line, any updates on the A6.4? Have you been able to work on it while waiting on the L models?
                          Thanks for asking: The A6.5 (we're bumping it into the .5 family) lacks only the crossover. Samples are underway and crossovers will be designed in July, with production thereafter.

                          The completed A4.5 onwall design produces first, then the A6.5. (The A line production channel is well in place so things happen faster here, at least once a design has been approved.)

                          The A6.5 has two 6.5" woofers in front-ported bass reflex, flanking the 5.25" mid and planar treble section from the A5. It measures 530mm in horizontal width, and 260mm in both height and depth. Its nominal impedance is 8 ohms, and its bandwidth is roughly the same as the SplitGap 5.25" A models.

                          There'll be a new A6.5 product page as soon as we complete these steps.


                          • OOOHHH Jon

                            It is almost July 4th Please make me independent of my Listening blues and tell me the L7 and L6 is in production and be on its way to us very soon.


                            • Quick update, folks: Production engineering has all of the first six approved designs and is making the usual small adjustments that happen between original prototypes and final production. We'll see if and when they come back with a final report on X or Y element of the whole cycle, but having done this more than a few times we know where we need to be - we're not reinventing anything at this phase and production could theoretically start up today.

                              This puts us on the cusp of production but it doesn't guarantee an element or two won't yet creep into the mix for final ironing out. But all the front end work is done - pages and pages of it - and all that's left is scheduling and go time. And as always, you'll all be the second to know ... about ten minutes after we do at Chane. We want to announce even more than you want to hear it so we've no cause to hold back.

                              Of course, the view from 40,000 feet remains the same: long ago I decided that long term gains were best served by using Big Brand methods on ongoing small batch production - get all the benefits of value and consistent quality but in the more local, bespoke style of multi-model development. As it turns out it works well but it takes forever for the tail to wag that dog. Fortunately it also involved really raising the tech bar, meaning we also gained a good degree of performance. (Incidentally, some of this stuff actually goes back to back-of-napkin concepts from 2001. The basics work; all you need is 100% agreement from every aspect of the supply and demand-side structure.)

                              On that note, the assembly, packaging, and fulfillment team here in the US impresses me daily. They're looking at all this too, salivating, and it falls to me to fill that demand as well as that of Chane's customers. They've about 1200 high end drivers on hand already, some of which go into a few things I've promised to talk about at the right time. One of them I'll relate in about six posts in this forum, in plenty of time for you to consider your options. I'm very enthused about it and can't wait to get into it, new product channels on the main site included. Here again, you'll be the second to know, a figurative ten minutes after we have ignition.

                              I think you'll find all this pretty high up on the value-performance scale. I just need providence to smile on it all and nudge it forward as planned. I think it's neat when you can do something you love just because it fulfills the sound you'd been reaching for...


                              • Did I mentioned I'm looking forward to the L's? :) Hope it gets a production green light before too long. I suspect I also need to step up my subwoofer in the near future so I'm keeping an eye open for those rumored new Chane subwoofers.