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    Looks like there's not a lot of activity around here but I figured I'd join up anyway. After months of research and a few weeks of demo'ing various center channels (main usage is HT) I've settled on Chane for the bulk of my speaker upgrade. Went with 3 x A2.4's across the front, and 2 x A1.4's in the rear. They're not actually set up yet as I need to build a new TV stand for everything to fit in/on. For now they'll be driven by a Marantz NR-1606 (will probably upgrade to more power for headroom next year) and will be paired with some SVS elevations for Atmos/DTS:X duty and an SVS PB-2000 subwoofer.

    Can't wait to finish the install and start using them. I really enjoyed the 2.4 while it was being demo'd as my center. I took it back out for now since it was kind of a redneck install using a cinderblock with some foam to protect the cabinet and because of the width the A2.4 partially blocked remote IR access to some of the equipment and I was worried about the dog knocking it over as well.