UPDATE: 12/3/19 The A5.5 is beginning to ship. Note that it vends as one single speaker - add two to the cart for a pair of speakers.

For more value, select an A5.5 bundle here. Chose from a three-speaker front system or a five-speaker complete system. Add a sub and go!


Chane's A5 has been a successful, popular platform since inception nearly ten years ago. Owing to special technologies like the double-duty SplitGap midwoofer and our pro-derived planar tweeter, plus deliberate, classic design goals, heavy duty construction, and extensive tuning, the A5 became a top-rated, affordable alternative for discriminating, budget-conscious audio and videophiles.

A5 model success is as undeniable as it is unprecedented.

All Chane models have remaining in a continuous loop of development, upgrade, and advancement. The original Arx A5 was eventually replaced by the Chane A5rx-c and its improved midbass and treble drivers. More recently a model A5.4 added milled aluminum outrigger feet and machined steel carpet spikes and floor discs. And now a new A5.5 is being built that advances the Chane A series art and science even further.

The A5.5 is externally identical to the A5.4. Dimensions, weight, driver map, finish, and hardware are unchanged. The only visible change is the product's name plate. Inside, however, the A5.5 is a smartly retuned A5, with a revised midrange driver and a special new crossover to thoroughly optimize the speaker.

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We think it's the most spacious, enveloping, dynamic A5 sound yet, perfect for home theater, while music lovers will find it possessing improved pace, rhythm and timing. We think it's the purest A5 sound yet. As always, early-adopting enthusiasts will be offered a special deal on this exciting new model.

The original Arx A5 became a top-rated standout. Subsequent models improved its performance. And the Chane A5.5 is the platform's finest expression yet.

If this performance and value interests you join us by emailing. The A5.5 is already in production and launches soon. Once on the way we'll offer a promotion as attractive as the speaker itself.

The Chane A5.5 launches soon. This is the new sound of extreme listener value.