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    Quote Originally Posted by dougnliz View Post
    After hearing what the A1.4s can do, I'm eagerly awaiting the Pre-Order for the L Series. If you have a list somewhere please add me to it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spidacat View Post
    It's funny that you mention that. I'm also awaiting L7/L6's for my mains, replacing 20 year old DefTech towers.
    Quote Originally Posted by 1st Time Caller View Post
    So Jon, do the a6 and a 7 go to production for V day? Everything you say makes me more excited
    Hi folks,

    There's a new L6/7 thread here to gauge pre-production interest. We're hearing wonderful things from them and, after weathering a driver delay and a driver upgrade and swap - it's always something, isn't it? - we're wrapping up designs and approvals this month. There will not be a ETA or a EOP or even a start-production date announced until we have them and we're reasonably assured they're true and reliable. (If I fall off a pier tomorrow none of this happens, so there we have it. )

    Normally I'd rather say nothing about any of this but because the original A7 gained so much interest (a very long time ago) and then morphed into a new thing entirely, I have been updating our progress. Frankly, I'd like all this to be between us kids, so kindly don't commit me to anything out there until we can ourselves. All in due time, all in due time.

    Please feel free to join the new thread. It's there because we'd naturally like to get a sense if our first production numbers are adequate. You can help. Again: we'll announce more when we have it in the can, and we'll post a new product channel when we're well underway but before we dock this exciting new stuff. Thanks for being aboard!
    J. Lane



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