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    A short index of popular items at Chane:

    The A5.4 is out of stock again, but returns a third time the second half of December. When they return, pocket a nice savings using coupon code "A5.4"

    B-stock deals are always popular but usually unannounced. Check for a B-Stock radio button on the A Series product pages.

    Need a big, professional-style subwoofer for less than the cost to DIY one? While they last.

    Loudspeaker Basics, Sound Shopping, and The Chane Sound.

    The Chane A2.4 versus the market. For all those times someone says it's "as good as a Chane".

    The next few months will see new models at Chane. Visit the front page and add yourself to our mailing list

    A new A Series 2018 relaunch wrap-up just posted here.

    Need a hot deal? Chane Bundles have just been revised and expanded. Click to save big way before the Holiday sales.

    The Swan (Hi/Vi) Desktop Blowout continues here. Half price while they last. (Log-in and provided coupon code req'd.)

    Chane A Series models enjoy their most popular year yet! Catch up here.

    What's inside an A Series model. It's how we're really different.

    How to set up a subwoofer like the pros.

    How's the Chane L Series coming along? Join us with behind-the-scenes information.
    J. Lane



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