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  • Brand: Auto-Tech
  • Product Code: FP10
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Mid-sized powerhouse

With the energy of a high-output 10" midwoofer to drive it, the Horns FP10 monitor is a mid-sized, pro-grade reference monitor for a lot of uses. As expected from the imported Horns lineup, the FP10 features a premium-grade 1" compression driver behind a carefully designed acoustical horn made from polished, molded, synthetic concrete. The FP10's entire front baffle is crafted from this advanced material, and it both houses and dampens the 10" midwoofer.

A bigger acoustical picture

The FP10's larger midwoofer also gives it high sensitivity - this model takes full advantage of the pro-grade horn and compression driver and boasts an inpressive 96dB sensitivity. This driver combo has even greater dynamic drive, while retaining the subtlety and acoustical directness audiophiles crave. Ordinary direct-radiating systems just can't do this.

Audiophile-style input terminals feed a high performance crossover made from top grade components. Owners select from a wide array of finishes, and Chane is happy to provide samples before the sale.

For home or studio

Used on matching Horns stands, the FP10 makes for an impressive stereo presentation for the music-lover's very high performance system. The minimal two-way design has both the power and the precision to project, big, believable, dimensional images with the tactile, reach-out-and-touch-it dynamics of a great speaker.

The FP10 makes for great sound for studio and home theater too. The same low distortion, highly-dynamic Horns sound delivers great realism on a console or as part of a multi-channel private cinema system. The FP10 can be used full range or with a separate bass system.

Consult with Chane for more on how to design and acquire a Horns FP10 system.

  • Six weeks build time upon order
  • Free delivery in the 48 continental US states
  • Truck freight only. No sales outside North America
  • Includes speaker stands

California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.