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  • Brand: Auto-Tech
  • Product Code: Universum
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The art of exceptional sound

The Horns Universum is a thoroughly engineered ultra-fi loudspeaker system. Behind the daring styling, a Universum packs ultimate technologies like a pair of Berylium-diaphragmed compression drivers, a separately amplified bass system employing a 15" professional woofer, and distinctive, Le Cléac’h-insired state of the art acoustical horns, a culmination of a hundred years of classic horn theory.

While a bold statement in any fine interior, Universum is also on the leading edge of one of the most proven and highly regarded sound-reproducing philosophies known: Very high musical responsiveness, very low distortion, and a certain dynamic rightness only possible from this format.

The large format horn system has the focus, precision, immediacy, and sheer musical sophistication nothing else can match.

The statement loudspeaker in all ways

Universum's three acoustical sources are arrayed in mirror-imaged stereo pairs with each speaker's horns and systems are arranged for best sound in a striking art piece. Horns are finished in any color the owner wishes, and the steel exoskeleton is electrostatically painted with a baked finish, also to suit. Adjustable feet level the speaker. The optional Horns amplifier powers Universum's bass system.

Every aspect of Universum is designed and executed for high quality, absolute performance, and enduring beauty and life. Universum's acoustical heritage is as timeless as its interpretation is daring.

Owners select from an endless array of custom colors (base white shown) and Chane is happy to consult on planning, delivery, and setup. Contact us for more on this exceptional, one-of-a-kind audiophile statement piece.

  • Eight weeks build time upon order
  • Free delivery and setup in the 48 continental US states
  • Truck freight only. No sales outside North America
California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.