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The Chane Sound

Good-sounding speakers include four basic ingredients: Good parts, valid design, quiet cabinets, and careful tuning.

The Chane Sound | Loudspeaker Basics

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Chane Loudspeakers


Chane Loudspeakers

Speaker brands can offer lifestyle, techno-speak, fancy finishes, or a Big Box brand. But how many offer true, authentic, musical sound? If you want the real thing, shop now to discover how real big sound doesn't always have to have a real big cost.

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Swan Multimedia

Why settle for average computer sound? For over fifteen years Swan have designed and engineered exceptional powered speaker systems. Today Swan specializes in affordable active speaker systems aimed at the studio monitor user but priced for everyday use. Step up to Swan performance.

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I held off writing this review until I had enough time spent with these speakers to give them a fair shot. I am very impressed by the fullness of the sound and the low end range especially at this price point...

Customer: John C
Product: Chane A1rx-c

Excellent shipping. Double boxed with styrofoam. Thought they sounded good out of the box, and was ensured they would sound even better after a week or so. They did open up, quite a bit. ..

Customer: Brian N
Product: Chane A1rx-c

Picked these up to upgrade my A1b L & R. These speakers really come alive on action scenes. The extra pop of dual woofers is exactly what I wanted. Its nice to have noticeable mid range presence. ..

Customer: Jason W
Product: Chane A3rx-c


Customer: Barry Getzow
Product: Chane A5rx-c