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About Us

About Internet-direct audio value

Chane Music & Cinema (CMC) is an Internet-direct provider of high-quality consumer audio equipment offered satisfaction-guaranteed. CMC designs, contracts, manufactures, and fulfills high-quality audio products direct to our thousands of customers.

CMC gear can compare in both quality and performance to equipment costing much more - you may find you save up to half the cost of competing brands and products, technology for technology, class for class, and sound for sound.

30 Day In-Home Satisfaction Guarantee

For comfortable auditions of our products, and for customer support and security, CMC features a 30 Day In-Home Product Return Policy. Users audition purchases virtually risk free in their own homes using their systems and recordings familiar to them.

This method beats unfamiliar surroundings and unknown associated gear and recordings. The preferred audition happens at home and CMC's in-home trial period ensures not only satisfaction and security, but a more insightful audition.


Chane brand products are designed entirely by CMC and are built to high industry standards by professional, experienced, long-term, reputable providers.

-Award winning production team and facility
-Zero defect policy supply chain
-Comprehensive component and final product testing
-ISO9001 and RoHS compliant
-Green certified
-Major international market supplier
-Over 25 years manufacturing experience

Our partner factories produce components or assemblies for some of the finest retail brand names in the field. Chane is not an assembler of offshore parts, kits, or assemblies.


CMC draws on the talents and experience of professionals with dozens of years of combined experience. Our staff has spent decades in the field, and our associates add decades more, having been in the performance loudspeaker industry in ways we believe few competitors in our sector can match.

All products adhere strictly to high standards, which throughout our supply chain include numerous design, manufacturing, and testing protocols, from FEA to extensive CAD-based manufacturing to industry-standard finishing, packaging, and delivery/fulfillment. Our design systems include measurement, simulation, and design platforms customary to the high performance loudspeaker industry.

CMC also maintains a personalized, fast-response customer fulfillment system staffed by logistics professionals in a large international warehouse. We ship from Tampa Florida USA.

The audio enthusiast's alternative

We strive to develop and channel high-value and premium audio direct to customers at true savings. We guarantee customer satisfaction and stand behind each of our products with a liberal service policy that includes up to two levels of warranty coverage. All products are backed by our fifteen year history.

For more specific information, contact CMC. Our customers have come to rely on us for value-packed products in each category we represent. You're invited to save and to enjoy extended in-home evaluation privileges.