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Excellent stereo performance from HiVi's smallest, high-output self-powered desktop system

Although it's the most compact 2.1 channel HiVi "Swan" desktop system, we hesitate to call the M10 "multimedia" - it's from the design team that made HiVi and Swan a household name in great-sounding active desktop loudspeakers and studio monitors.

The M10 system is three matching speakers housed in a sleek, contemporary, desktop package with internal amplification - you won't need anything other than your favorite source, whether PC or Mac, laptop or tablet, or personal electronic, phone, music, or gaming device.

For convenient hookup, plug the M10's main bass module into to any local active source using the signal cables supplied, and then connect the easy-to-position micro satellites for best stereo image.

  • 2.1 channel set
  • Self-powered
  • True 2-way satellites with 20mm soft dome tweeters
  • Connects to any portable or line-output music source
  • Onboard volume and bass controls
  • Power-on illuminated volume control bezel
  • Available in white or black
  • Includes 1 meter stereo RCA-to-RCA cable
  • Includes 1 meter 3.5mm phone plug-to-RCA adapter cable

High output for clean, clear sound

Despite the compact size, the M10 has the audio output to fill a room. Surprisingly deep bass is provided by a dedicated bass driver set in its own enclosure, and matching midrange drivers grace the pair of coordinating satellite speakers.

Real HiVi dome tweeters provide audiophile-approved highs to 20kHz. The M10 has more than enough power and fidelity to outplay virtually any comparably-priced multimedia speaker system.

Stylish appearance helps make the M10 HiVi's most popular desktop system

The M10's distinctive look includes polished molded pearl-white faces and metal-look cones that resemble the aluminum-magnesium drivers found in the HiVi Swan Diva line. Textured black enclosures visually recede into the background, and the large, LED-illuminated chrome volume control is easy to use.

Join the HiVi multimedia family, spin up the digital compilation you made this morning, and hear what high-end desktop sound is really all about!