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Top sound in a premium, limited edition product

A decade ago Swan launched what's now become one of the most popular powered speaker series ever. The M200 was a premium, affordable desktop monitor series that evolved into the more powerful and reliable M200MkII. On this platform Swan have engineered a high performance, high value product series, each iteration of which delivered excellent value.

Today it includes the award-winning M200MkIII, the third and most advanced M200.

The most offered from the M200 platform

What's different in the third-generation M200?

  • Upgraded, more powerful onboard electronics and amplification
  • Real bi-amplification
  • Extended bass tuning and performance
  • Premium deluxe cabinetry

Cleaner, louder sound

The M200MkIII Swan studio monitor has more than doubled power for the most sound and lowest distortion yet. Swan have completely revised the on-board electronics for a whopping 120 combined RMS system watts, which when driving a speaker as naturally sensitive as the amply-sized, 5.25"-woofered M200MkII, means real room-filling output - remember, the M200 series isn't the tiny multimedia speaker its competition is. The M200 series are large enough to be used as main speakers for nearly anything requiring great sound from a small-footprint loudspeaker.

More neutral and extended than some speakers costing far more

For the M200MkIII, Swan also re-tuned the bass section with an optimized new low-noise porting system and in the process added even lower deep bass than any previous version M200. Swan's new specification calls out nearly 50Hz bass at "reference" levels, for a flat response spanning nearly eight octaves from a speaker measuring under a foot tall and costing well under five hundred dollars.

The M200MkIII not only redefines the category acoustically, it does so cosmetically.

Designed by Swan's founder Frank Hale, each high-performance M200MkIII set is badged and serial-numbered

Swan have thoroughly upgraded the M200MkII. The Swan M200MkIII keeps the classic M200 form factor and profile, but adds polished solid hardwood side panels, improved bass tuning, and much more power. The M200MkIII is actually much closer in performance to the top-of-the-line Swan T200b and T200c than it is the original M200.