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CoCo 5i
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Dynamic, musical sound

The CoCo 5i is a feature-packed hybrid speaker and headphone amplifier with all-in-one functionality. The Coco 5i even includes a high resolution USB DAC.  The 5i drives headphones with tube power, and sets aside a discrete transistor amplifier to drive speakers.

Proven amplifier technology

The marriage of tubes to solid state is a time-honored audiophile tradition found in a variety of famous, classic audio amplifiers. Like them, the vacuum tube input stage of the CoCo 5i treats the musical signal with that same grainless purity thermionic audio is revered for. The 25wpc solid state amplifier - featuring preferred bi-polar output transistors - then provides real drive for your speakers. Based on classic tube amp styling, the smart, compact 5i sounds as good as it looks.