Chane A5.5

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Top-Rated Floor Speaker, Updated

The A5.5 is Chane's latest, fourth generation floor speaker, a classic, powerful audiophile speaker design with precise imaging and a clear, expansive soundstage. The A5.5's seamless, more rhythmic sound is the ultimate expression of Chane's original, top-rated Arx A5 model, already in the running for best budget floor standing speaker.

A new A5 is under development.  See here for more, and email us to reserve.

What's Different?

First, Chane uses no standard woofers, domes, or AMTs in the A series. Chane's licensed XBL2 SplitGap midwoofer and pro-style planar leaf tweeter deliver cleaner, more dynamic sound - they cost more to include but they deliver real results.

  • SplitGap XBL2 midwoofer. Radically improved linearity for up to twice the clean output. Real fundamental bass from an affordable compact speaker.
  • Chane's planar leaf tweeter.High surface area, vanishingly low mass, and extreme treble extension. Faster, more detailed treble to over 30kHz.
  • Premium crossover. Large-gauge inductors, higher grade poly film capacitors, and special audio-grade resistors support Chane's superior tech.
  • Heavy cabinet. Nearly twice the weight of some conventional speakers in the class, Chane's extra-grade casework keeps things cleaner, quieter.

What is XBL2? Drop us a line for the white paper - it's real tech and only Chane offers it for this little.

Purpose-built, Right Down to the Small Details

Chane's higher-dynamic planar leaf tweeter includes a new molded aluminum lens for smoother response to well beyond 30kHz. Our CAD-designed and hand-tuned crossover is sophisticated enough to manage each driver's response correctly, yet simple enough to sound less intrusive. The A5.5's thick, acoustically dense cabinet is perimeter-braced six ways, and extensive internal acoustical treatment keeps the sound clean. The rear port won't project unwanted energy forward, and gold-plated input terminals accept heavier gauge audio cables.

The substantial A5.5 is finished in the same stealthy simulated black ash as the rest of the line and includes a removable black knit grille and an acoustical port plug to optionally convert it to sealed operation.

It takes a lot to rank in the top of a field of $1000 - $2500 designs in direct comparisons. Great components, classic design, solid build quality, and comprehensive tuning make the A5.5 a leading contender in its class. And sometimes beyond its The A5.5 houses three SplitGap midwoofers for plenty of clean, low distortion, acoustical headroom. A revised, dedicated midrange driver makes the A5.5 Chane's only 3-way model, and our custom crossover network tunes the A5.5 for its most linear response yet.

Standing just over forty inches tall, the A5.5 is supported by an improved all-metal, machined base system that looks better and allows easier adjustments on any surface.


  • 1.25" x 2.25" flat panel leaf tweeter
  • 135mm/5.25" midrange driver
  • 3x 135mm/5.25" high-excursion SplitGap mid-woofers with XBL2 motors
  • Tuned port reflex bass system
  • Dimensions - 250 x 180 x 1000mm; 9.85 x 7.1 x 39.4in (DxWxH), not including base outriggers and hardware
  • Weight - 25 Kg; 55 lbs
  • Frequency Response - 45Hz - 32.5kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Impedance - 6 Ohms nominal
  • Sensitivity - 90.5dB (2.83v, 1M)
  • Suggested Amplifier - 20-175W


  • The A5.5 is packed in heavy foam cradles and a triple-wall carton
  • Includes Chane Music & Cinema's 30-day in-home satisfaction guarantee (see Terms)
  • Five year warranty1.25" x 2.25" flat panel leaf tweeter
  • New molded aluminum treble face plate
  • Dedicated 135mm midrange driver
  • Triple 135mm/5.25" high-excursion SplitGap mid-woofers with XBL2 motors
  • Chane's 0.5 series precision dividing network
  • Detachable machined aluminum floor outrigger arms with black anodized knurled adjusting knobs and stainless steel studs, and machined stainless steel carpet spikes and floor discs
  • Solid, 18mm braced acoustical cabinet

Attention California customers - CA Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm -

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I've had mine for around six months now and I've been loving them. They're a pleasure to listen to. The clarity is night and day over my old JBLs.

J. Z.

I have had these speakers for over a month and have given it plenty of time/hours to break in. I watch tv/movies about 90% of the time with these and they perform phenomenally. I also use a 2.4 Center and 1.5's as the rear surrounds. All together this system never ceases to amaze me and makes watching movies very enjoyable. I use this system in a room that is roughly 17ft by 15ft with no sound dampening, but I believe the Denon audio adjustment (Audyssey) formats the speakers well for my space. The Denon is a 3400H. They are also gorgeous speakers and can be placed close to or far away from a wall for aesthetic reasons. However I will note that they do sound a bit better at least a foot or two from a wall. I have only compared these to JBL 530 and HTD Level 3, the Chane's in my opinion are a better speaker suited to my taste.

D. L.

Absolutely incredible sound at any price. And for this price, these are an absolute steal. They sound so good, the highs have amazing clarity, the bass is so good, you could easily get away without adding a dedicated sub woofer. I have the 2.4's as a center, which is equally as good. I have used the center with an incredible front stage with movies and netflix. We also have Hulu TV, which broadcasts many shows and movies in 2 channel. The A 5.5s work so darn well in that regard, you could easily convince me that the center was functioning. Bottom line, I agonized over what brand to go with, the more you read, the harder the decision becomes. I'm writing this not to just endorse Chane, but to help those out who have endless debates with themselves on what speakers to buy that will give them the best sound. Save yourself the headache and stress and just buy these!


I've had the chance to live with these for about 3 weeks now and they live up to everything you will have read on the forums and in this (soon to be many) reviews. The tweeter is something very special. Even with my modest AVR amp these speakers are amazing. The tweeters create a transparent soundstage and the detail is so rich. They woofers are incredible at full range I was astounded at the presentation of the lows. The mids are very accurate, punchy when asked and speedy when required. I've listened to all kinds of music on these (main focus), however, they are so good, so crystal clear and so transparent that I think they are going to end up in the home theater. Did I mention they play loud and clear? I've got them in a 7000 cubic foot room and with this puny 125w AVR amp they play very loud. I did pair these up with an amp to hear them sing and boy do they deliver. These will not distort. These will obey the source.