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A modern classic

The large studio monitor has held an esteemed position nearly throughout audio history. From the legendary James B. Lansing Iconic early in the 20th Century, to the famous large format studio and theater speakers prevalent during the mid century, to today's FP15 by Poland's AutoTech Horns marque, this loudspeaker type acoustically renders the "connectedness", the effortless dynamics, and the sheer musicality of some of the most enjoyable audio ever designed.

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Why it works

Coupled with very good sources and systems, the large monitor type is not uncommonly still the choice for the audiophile's audiophile.

Think of a small, high-end stand monitor loudspeaker: A 1" dome tweeter extends the range of a 5.25" or 6.5" midwoofer, and the overall speaker, when well-designed and tuned, establishes a realistic, enjoyable soundstage and musical presentation for the moderately-sized system and environment. This minimalist speaker type is the heart of countless home music systems.

Now acoustically grow that speaker ten-fold and replace its two drivers with a responsive 15" woofer and a large format horn. The large, 15" horn-topped monitor loudspeaker is actually just a scaled-up mini-monitor, retaining all the inherent focus and musicality of the best of that breed, but proportionally reducing distortion and growing dynamic realism.

Reinterpreting an old school legend

In the Horns FP15, AutoTech has recreated the classic large monitor speaker. This very high grade, large format audiophile speaker is a highly capable musical instrument with its roots in both contemporary audio practice and classic audio tradition. Expect the same ultra-grade build quality and premium quality driver elements Horns is known for, including the unique and uniquely effective polished one-piece acoustical horn and front baffle responsible for the speaker's very low coloration.

Hearing is believing

Like its famous classic predecessors, the Horns FP15 monitor is a minimalist, audiophile's 2-way loudspeaker, but in the vastly larger scale that slashes distortion and greatly expands dynamic range and sheer acoustical "rightness".


  • Woofer/midwoofer - 15”
  • Treble system - 1” Radian compression driver, SEOS horn
  • Crossover - 12dB
  • Enclosure volume - 90L
  • Sensitivity - 96 dB
  • Frequency Range - 35-20000 Hz
  • Impedance - 8 Ohm
  • Box dimensions - 520x710x380 [mm]
  • Stand dimensions - 520x525x355 [mm]
  • Weight, Speaker - 50 kg
  • Weight, Stand - 30 kg


  • Includes black steel stands
  • Truck freight only
  • No sales outside North America

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