How It Started

Chane Music & Cinema personnel have been in high performance audio for 40 years. Having worked with international customers of what was the largest high end audio provider in the early Eighties, by 1988 we'd engineered one-off autosound systems, deploying leading-edge speaker tech to win first place competition honors. In 1989 we developed the first regional automotive bandpass bass systems.

By 1989 we engineered the first active high power wideband 185cm (6') planar speaker system in a fixed multichannel installation. By 1990 we'd developed and implemented our own computer-aided loudspeaker and horn design system, which led in 1991 to a wide band electrostatic/bandpass hybrid loudspeaker, another likely first. We then went on to engineer commercial bandpass bass systems for fixed architectural installations.

In 1994 we created the first national 100+ dealer CEDIA network for very large wide band planar speakers for fixed installation, which by 1998 led to both the first international technology and consulting network, and the first strictly commercial technology and consulting division for very large planar speakers for fixed installations worldwide. During this period we also co-developed the first large hybrid planar systems that led to similar systems from premium brands.

In 1999 we designed the first 100+ foot long, wide band fixed planar speaker array for a major national retailer in its flagship Philadelphia space, and facilitated the first 100+ meter long, wide band fixed planar speaker array in a prominent European government space.

Between 1984 and 2002 we developed over 100 custom designs and installations in private home, auto, marine, retail, commercial, manufacturing, and institutional spaces and consulted on three continents.

In 2000 we developed technology for a top consumer-direct loudspeaker roll-out, the most popular ever, and in 2003 successfully entered the consumer-direct loudspeaker market with our own brand. In 2010 we joined XBL2bass drivers and planar treble drivers together in a consumer-direct speaker series, and in 2011 developed a comprehensive, 4-point design package in a premium consumer-direct speaker brand later mirrored by a topmost international loudspeaker brand. We were the first to use SB Acoustics drivers in a commercial speaker series.

In 2014 our speaker model was top panel choice of a national audio publisher, and a few years later an update to it was again regarded a top performer. By 2018 Chane models were consistently counted among top-rated products in the consumer-direct class by listeners, theater enthusiasts, and music lovers.

Chane performs all product design and currently draws from top technology and supply chains in four of the world's top audio producing regions.