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Audiophile Sound
Top-Rated Floor Speaker, UpdatedPriced, packed, and shipped singly. The A5.5 is Chane's latest, fourth generation floor speaker, a clean, classic, pow..
The Affordable Reference MonitorPriced, packed, and shipped as a pair. Chane's fifth-generation A1.5 brings real high tech and engineering to affordab..
The Re-imagined High-Tech Main LoudspeakerPriced, packed, and shipped singly. Let's start with the basics. Conventional 3-driver or MTM* center speake..
Chane SBE-118 Subwoofer Chane SBE-118 Subwoofer
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At-cost closeout value on a powerful bass systemChane is offering a limited number of SBE-118 passive 18" bass units, a powerful, modular, professiona..
$329.00 $599.00