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The XSG LCR7 started life as an freestanding audiophile high-end music and cinema LCR. It is designed by the design team responsible for over a decade’s worth of award winning speakers offered by Snell Acoustics from 1995-2010. With XSG Chief Engineer Joe D’Appolito, Acoustical Engineer David Logvin and team manager, Bob Graffy partnered to develop the LCR7, a design using best of class drivers, crossover components and design and manufacturing know-how.

LCR7 is a limited eX Snell Guys project from the original team. It is brought to you as a Chane customer appreciation program.

Elegantly Integrated

The XSG LCR7 is a Left, Center, and Right speaker to be used either horizontally or vertically.

As such it is intended to be compact and rely on a subwoofer for deep bass. The LCR7 excels as a workhorse for today’s home theaters, and as a potent bookshelf-style loudspeaker for serious music listening. Its
remarkable output, un-colored midrange and extended treble combine with boundary tuning and compact size for extraordinary performance and flexibility of placement.

The LCR7 is configured as a D’Appolito Array - a driver arrangement that controls vertical dispersion - which lessens distortion caused by room reflections from adjacent floor and ceiling surfaces. The result is a virtual point source of energy that provides uncanny clarity and soundstaging. The LCR7 acoustically integrates into typical rooms more
successfully than other designs, while its manageable size, real wood veneers and solid aluminum make it a complement for any décor.

All XSG loudspeakers are .5dB-tuned to insure that the loudspeaker you receive in your home sounds the same as the engineering prototype.

Impact Where You Want Impact

When used as the left and right loudspeaker in an audiophile quality two-channel system, users witness all the complexity, detail and space of a live music performance. Multi-channel surround systems, of course,
rely on a left and right speaker, adding a center and surrounds to play the additional “Multi” channels. In this application the Center is regarded as the most important speaker.

Utilizing a D’Appolito Array, the LCR7 loudspeaker excels in both of these applications. It can haunt you with precision and soundstage as a left and right, while as a center it captures every whisper, every
nuance. Together they set the tonal balance, called timbre, for the rest of the system. Its compact size allows the LCR7 to fit easily in or on a variety of equipment cabinets or millwork, and is engineered to eliminate the sonic problems caused when placing speakers in cabinets or on shelves.


  • Dimensions 8.5 x 7 x 19in (DxWxL)
  • Weight - 20lbs
  • Frequency Response - 80Hz - 20kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Impedance - 4 Ohms nominal
  • Sensitivity - 89dB (2.83v, 1M)
  • Suggested Amplifier - 20-100W


  • Original premium-quality NOS cabinets and packaging perfectly match previous Snell models from the same line
  • New custom-engineered drivers and new tuned crossover by the original team
  • 25mm / 1" dome tweeter
  • Twin 135mm / 5.25" midwoofers
  • Sealed bass system
  • Premium heavyweight braced enclosure
  • Natural cherry with bright metal work
  • Black walnut with black metalwork
  • Limited quantities

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