Chane 752

Sold Individually

Immense sound for left, center, and right

Experience Chane's rich, intensely 3D sound in a truly affordable high performance large speaker.  Confirm Chane's superior sound in our reviews forum. Stop in for real reports from real users!

With decades of experience we're known for design-tuning left-center-right (LCR) speakers for precise soundstaging and standout musicality. Chane now offers that unique sound in a highly technical, large-format speaker as ideal for home theater as it is for 2.0 stereo.

As a center speaker, the 752 compliments our 753 floor speaker, but stood vertically a pair of 752 are astonishingly musical main L+R speakers.  Try all three; in either popular orientation everything about the 752 has been finely optimized for exceptionally enveloping, neutral, dynamic sound, music and cinema.

Learn about the exceptional, limited-edition 752's back-story here.

Note: Sold through pending release of a second-generation 752.

The focused, symmetrical loudspeaker

Midbass-treble-midbass (MTM) speakers center a high frequency device between two identical bass or midbass drivers. Get the blend between them exactly right and the MTM speaker has a wonderfully transparent,
uniform, room-filling sound.  It's just a better way to go.

Add the acoustic size of big premium 8" woofers and a professional imported horn treble system to this winning system, and the high definition Chane 752 out-images and out-plays lesser speakers that cost as much or even much more.

Size, focus, acoustical speed, and dynamic ease - the physics are clear.  Run the 752 full-range or add your powered bass system to round out a big multi-channel experience.

Under the hood

For the 752 Chane uses the same 8" high grade ScanSpeak poly-coned woofers as the Chane 753 floor speaker. These renown, premium drivers establish the 752's ample, next-level sensitivity, its bass extension, and its size and output.

The 700 series' 1" Italian Eighteen Sound compression driver then delivers exceptional dynamic range and high fidelity through a big diffractionless constant-coverage aluminum horn.  This is precision treble control and no dome or ribbon can match it.

It's always about the design

Making it all work is Chane's custom MTM crossover network, which delivers even, balanced response. Expect exceptional sound field expansion and unique open clarity.

Faster, cleaner, and more authentic

With all this dynamic reserve and precision the 752 is actually a discriminating audiophile's loudspeaker at the same time as it has the
dynamics for film.

As a horizontal center speaker or as vertical front main stereo speakers, this is the format to beat. Better still, as all three together.

Attention California customers - Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm -


  • Frequency response, nominal – 50Hz – 22.5kHz +/- 3dB
  • Bass response, room estimated – 38Hz -6dB
  • Sealed bass system, attenuation - -12dB / Octave
  • Enclosure volume, bass - 46 liters
  • Impedance, nominal - 8 Ohms
  • Impedance, minimum - 6 Ohms
  • Sensitivity, calculated power – 91 dB (2.83v/1w)
  • 1" titanium compression driver and 60 x 40 degree CD aluminum treble horn
  • 2x 210mm (8") poly midbass drivers
  • Dimensions – 375 x 710 x 250mm; 14.75 x 28 x 9.9in (DxLxH)
  • Net weight - 48lbs
  • Recommended amplifier – 20-180W
  • Driver-rated music power - 240W

Chane rates speakers sensibly, in accordance with acoustical physics and typical real use. Learn more about how speakers work here.


  • The 752 is packed individually in heavy foam cradles and a double shipping carton.
  • The 752 includes Chane Music & Cinema's 30-day in-home trial guarantee and two year warranty (see Terms).
  • 1" Eighteen Sound constant slope treble compression driver: titanium diaphragm, proprietary phase plug, edge-wound high temperature voice coil, ellipsoidal suspension.
  • 800Hz 60x40 degree constant coverage (DI=11) aluminum horn
  • Double ScanSpeak 8" bass drivers with mineral-filled polypropylene cones, magnesium frames, and vented motors
  • Chane's exclusive three-domain-optimized crossover network, with time-aligned treble and low phase rotation
  • Sealed bass alignment for lowest group delay and fastest sound
  • 18mm MDF cabinet, 25mm front baffle, and two internal perimeter braces
  • Simulated black ash cabinet case with molded fine pebble black driver baffle
  • Removable black knit grille with magnetic fasteners
  • Standard 5-way terminals and input cup

Attention California customers - CA Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm -

Customer Reviews

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M. (Chicago, US)
Remarkable Movie Performance

See full review below:

"Across the board, at say -4MV things sound less 'loud' yet more detailed. This indicates to me low levels of distortion at very high volume. I notice cues/details in the space that I know I didn't notice prior and thats exciting....

Oppenheimer test- Reviews have stated that Nolan movies can have dialogue issues, the music/LFE can drown out the words etc. The ending sequence is noted by a reviewer with a high end setup as suffering. On my setup I was able to make out every word pretty clearly even while 115-120db LFE is roaring in the final sequence. So this was a major test that the 752 did a fantastic job on."