Chane 753

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"Stunning.  Mesmerizing.  Holographic."

We all want cleaner, more immersive sound. With a whopping six or seven times the acoustical size of little speakers plus precisely aligned acoustical tuning, the 753 may be a precision, pinpoint audiophile loudspeaker in its design tune, but it has the authority to illuminate a film soundtrack too.

Hear this preferred sound.  Chane's 753 floor speaker delivers enormous value in a well-designed home theater loudspeaker using premium components and a highly technical design platform.  The 753 absolutely loves to make music and cinema.  It's a Chane.

Learn about the exceptional, limited-edition 753's back-story here.

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Power meets precision

With far more active cone area than average, Chane's 753 has clean output and excellent sensitivity nailed. But it's the careful driver choices, custom crossover engineering, and final tuning that give the 753 the wall-to-wall sound and superb focus that audiophiles crave.

This unique prosumer blend makes the Chane 753 special: Higher than average acoustic power meets Chane's emphasis on dialing in the underpinning design to deliver walls of natural and authentic sound. It's an uncommon entry in its class.

The players

Anchoring the 753's bass section is a trio of 8" ScanSpeak woofers in a sealed bass alignment. To this foundation a responsive, matching 6.5" midrange driver bridges the middle of the spectrum; its light cellulose cone delivering both signal-tracking detail and smooth response.

Perhaps most impressive is the 753's genuine 1" Italian compression driver by Eighteen Sound. It covers the model's top four octaves and with a constant-coverage aluminum horn creates the 753's exceptionally clean, uncolored, and dynamic treble range.

Alignment matters

Making it all work is a highly-developed custom Chane crossover network. It has Solen polypropylene capacitors and non-inductive audio resistors.

Well-managed acoustical behaviors and a balanced response deliver the 753's open, see-through acoustical presentation. They make real acoustical presence and power in user's spaces.  We'd like you to hear them too.


  • Frequency response, nominal – 45Hz – 22.5kHz +/- 3dB
  • Average bass response, room, calculated – 34Hz -6dB
  • Sealed bass system, attenuation - -12dB / Octave
  • Enclosure volume, bass - 71 liters
  • Impedance, nominal - 6 ohms
  • Impedance, minimum - 4.5 ohms
  • Sensitivity, calculated power – 92.5 dB (2.83v)
  • 1" titanium compression driver and 60 x 40 degree CD treble horn
  • 165mm treated cellulose midrange driver
  • 3x 210mm (8") poly bass drivers
  • Dimensions – 250 x 375 x 1236mm; 9.85 x 14.75 x 48.7in (WxDxH), with base outriggers and hardware
  • Net weight - 80lbs
  • Recommended amplifier – 20-200W
  • Driver-rated music power - 360W

Chane rates speakers sensibly, in accordance with acoustical physics and typical real use. Learn more about how speakers work here.


  • The 753 is packed individually in heavy foam cradles and a double-wall carton. Ships by truck.
  • The 753 includes Chane Music & Cinema's 30-day in-home trial guarantee and two year warranty (see Terms)
  • 1" Eighteen Sound constant slope treble compression driver: titanium diaphragm, proprietary phase plug, edge-wound high temperature voice coil, ellipsoidal suspension.
  • 800Hz 60x40 degree constant coverage (DI=11) aluminum horn
  • High energy 6.5" midrange with ventilated FEA-optimized motor, cellulose cone, and high temperature 38mm voice coil
  • Triple 8" ScanSpeak bass drivers with mineral-filled polypropylene cones, magnesium frames, and vented motors
  • Chane's exclusive three-domain-optimized custom crossover network, with time-aligned treble and linear phase rotation
  • Sealed bass alignment for lowest group delay and fastest sound
  • 18mm MDF cabinet, 25mm front baffle, and five internal braces
  • Simulated black ash cabinet case with molded fine pebble black driver baffle
  • Detachable machined aluminum floor outrigger arms with black anodized knurled adjusting knobs and stainless steel studs, and machined stainless steel carpet spikes and floor discs
  • Removable black knit grille with magnetic fasteners
  • Standard 5-way terminals and input cup

Attention California customers - CA Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm -

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
CR (Shilo, CA)
Chane 753...Absolute....

I have owned the 753 and 752 models for 3 years now, everyday with these speakers still seems to me like I'm in the honeymoon phase, I recently acquired a Schiit Freya+ which runs to a MPS-1 amplifier with two blades installed as I'm currently running my 753 in a 2.0 setup, for 2ch use the 753 are stunning, like any speaker you need to find that perfect toe in/out and placement and wow, I literally stayed up till almost 5am(home alone) listening to so many albums as I just couldn't stop myself until eventually my brain said time for sleep.

The clean dynamic and enveloping sound these produce is absolute and literally gives me goosebumps and the chills with those albums and singles that I know so well. Music is just beyond what I have ever previously heard through other systems.

MF (Chicago, US)
End Game Main Speakers

An excerpt from my full review here:

"These speakers are not only impressive, they have made my entire system seem to sound better. I notice things like a more dynamic blend between the mains/center and my surrounds/atmos setup, especially my atmos setup, this is likely the 3 dimensionality at play. The 2.4As in surround duty are absolutely wonderful, one of the things I really care about is a strong phantom image between mains and surrounds, here the 753s and 2.4As blend in a really convincing way. The center upgrade was a big one, I expected differences to be subtle, expecting the mains to carry a big load on the center image. I didn't consider how the center is playing alot more then just dialogue, that is now apparent as I'm hearing and noticing alot more front to back detail in the middle of the sound stage. The 753s have added tremendous detail and in playing movies I'm very familiar with I'm noticing sounds at different depths that I did not notice prior. In general I'm just noticing new things left and right."

M M (Woodbury, US)
Incredible speakers

I’ve owned speakers from many different brands (Emotiva, Goldenear, JBL, Infinity, Monolith, Magnat to name a few) and these are unquestionably the best. The treble is detailed, refined and resolving, yet very smooth. Absolutely no listening fatigue. The midrange is very present with voices sounding full and natural. The bass is tight and authoritative yet has tone and nuance.

The way this speaker projects sound is amazing; it’s holographic and enveloping. These are my living room speakers in a 2.1 setup. People frequently question if we have surround sound because of the speakers ability to place sounds throughout the room.

These speakers are a pleasure to listen to.