Chane A1.5

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The Affordable Standmount Monitor

Chane's fifth-generation A1.5 brings real high tech and engineering to affordable main monitor speakers. While scores of lighter, less capable offerings rely on generic technology, Chane reinvented the affordable class with features that really matter for bigger, more dynamic sound. Inspired by the natural, open, easy sound of the classic reference monitors, the A1.5 updates the type with thoroughly modern elements for higher, cleaner output and wider response in larger spaces.

Building on Proven Solutions

With decades of experience and with hundreds of designs, created, Chane joined alternative technologies with deliberate under-the-hood goals, and launched an affordable speaker series with real, audible benefits.

  • SplitGap XBL2 midwoofer: Radically improved linearity for up to twice the clean output. Real fundamental bass from an affordable compact speaker.
  • Chane's planar leaf tweeter: High surface area, vanishingly low mass, and extreme treble extension. Faster, more detailed treble to over 30kHz.
  • Premium crossover: Large-gauge inductors, higher grade poly film capacitors, and special audio-grade resistors support Chane's superior tech.
  • Heavy cabinet: Nearly twice the weight of some
    conventional speakers in the class, Chane's extra-grade casework keeps
    things cleaner, quieter.

There are no regular woofers or tweeters in the Chane A series, only licensed XBL2 SplitGap midwoofers and pro-style planar leaf tweeters for
cleaner, more dynamic, more extended sound.

However, the A1.5 also updates the 5.25" standmount speaker with key solutions for main channel use. 100% Chane design optimizes this model for a remarkably smooth character and an enormous, lifelike acoustical image.

What is XBL2?

It's how we virtually double clean, dynamic speaker
output. Drop us a line for the white paper - it's real tech and only Chane offers it for this little.

Purpose-Built, Right Down to the Small Details

Chane's planar leaf tweeter has an all-aluminum faceplate lens for tighter, smoother response to well beyond 30kHz.

The crossover incorporates hand-tuning and CAD to create startlingly realistic images in a large sound stage.

The A1.5's thick, acoustically dense cabinet is perimeter-braced and up to a twice as heavy, and with heavy internal acoustical treatment keeps the sound clean. The rear port won't project unwanted energy forward, and gold-plated twist terminals accept thick gauge audio cables.

The extra-duty A1.5 is finished in the same stealthy simulated black ash as the rest of the line and includes a removable black knit grille and an acoustical port plug to optionally convert the A1.5 to sealed operation for use with a subwoofer.


  • 1.25" x 2.25" flat panel leaf tweeter
  • 135mm/5.25" SplitGap mid-woofer
  • Tuned vent reflex bass system
  • Dimensions - 250 x 180 x 340mm; 9.85 x 7.1 x 13.4in  (DxWxH)
  • Weight - 7.7 Kg; 17 lbs
  • Frequency Response - 48Hz - 32.5kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Impedance - 8 Ohms nominal
  • Sensitivity - 84dB (2.83v, 1M)
  • Suggested Amplifier - 20-125W


  • The A1.5 is packed in pairs in heavy foam cradles and a double-wall carton
  • The A1.5 includes Chane Music & Cinema's 30-day in-home satisfaction guarantee (see Terms)
  • Five year warranty
  • 1.25" x 2.25" flat panel leaf tweeter
  • Molded aluminum treble face plate
  • 135mm/5.25" high-excursion SplitGap mid-woofer with XBL2 motor
  • Chane's 0.5 series precision dividing network
  • Solid, 18mm braced acoustical cabinet

Attention California customers - CA Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm -

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
M.M. (Woodbury, US)
Great budget speakers!

DISCLAIMER: I NOT AN AUDIOPHILE. I’m an enthusiast who enjoys music and movies. I don’t care about measurements, I care about how things sound.

For context I’ve had the following budget bookshelf speakers and the Chane A1.5 are the ones I kept
- Emotiva B1+
- Klipsch RP-600 M II & 500 M II
- Kef Q150
- Triangle BR02
- Magnat Signature 503
- JBL 530

While not the most attractive looking (with grilles off), the A1.5 is without question the most robustly built. The cabinet is very dense. The grille even feels solid

As far as sound, the treble is detailed yet very smooth. Unlike the Emotiva B1+ (which I like) the treble was not “dry” sounding. It’s very engaging and refined for the price category; the most refined of the above speakers.

The speaker has slight V curve but not at all a “showroom” sound. Vocals are clear and intelligible.

The bass is strong, yet not over done.


I have owned these speakers for about 7 months and use them primarily for Home Theater purposes (at least once a day), they are connected to a 2018 Denon-X3500H Receiver which is connect to a LG-OLED C8 (2018 version). I do not use a SubWoofer (in an apartment, would be too loud), and use 4 rear speakers (small energy satellite speakers), I use the Chane 2.4 as my center. I very much enjoy this setup, the sound is clear and detailed. The only speakers I have owned/own that I can compare these to are the Energy's, a pair of Sony Core speakers, HTD Level 3 Bookshelf, Polk S-15 bookshelf, and Polk LSIM Center speaker. I personally think these are better all-around speakers, delivering just enough bass, highs, and clarity in dialogue. If anything I think they can be improved when I add a sub to my set, but that will have to wait. I also sometimes want a little more higher highs, but I know that can be fatiguing. Overall I highly recommend :)


I got 2 A1.5's and an A2.4 for my living room home theater (about 50/50 music and HT). It's a big space - around 5000 ft^3 - and these more than fill it with sound with headroom to spare. They are incredibly neutral, so much more so than what I was used to that it took me a little while to adjust. But now, whether it's metal or classical, I'm hearing things I never knew I was missing. I tend to agree with the consensus that there simply isn't anything that competes with these speakers for less than double the cost (and maybe not even then). These are the kind of speakers that people will be reminiscing about years from now.


These speakers are great! I'll be completely honest and admit I'm no audiophile and don't have much to compare against. I'm just getting into audio and saw great reviews about the 1.4's, so I went for the 1.5's. So far my mind has been blown by how good they sound with both music and movies. You may not find this review helpful if you're looking for in depth discussion about how the ribbon tweeter sounds or how it compares to other speakers in the range, but I can at least say there is one very happy customer. Also, my wife (who knows even less than I do) absolutely approves, so there must be something there. Great product - can't wait to spend so much more time with these!


I've owned a lot of bookshelves. Paradigm mini monitor; Paradigm mini monitor V2; B&W DM602 S2; B&W DM602 S3; Polk LSi7; Polk RTi6; Polk RTi35; Jamo E825; Klipsch RP160M; HTD Level 3; SVS Prime Bookshelf.

I can honestly say these A1.5 are better then all I have owned. I really believe in a Ribbon Tweeter (has all the Pros of a Horn without the cons) The highs are so detailed without fatigue. I can definitely tell there is more separation. One of my favorites songs to listen is , Coming home baby by Grace Mahya.

How do they compare to the SVS Primes (my most recent speakers)? The Primes are not known for bass....SVS knew what they were doing. The Primes have a amazing flat frequency response. They can play very loud with low distortion. The metallic tweeter can be a lil harsh and some of the higher frequencies can get muddy... which makes sense the crossovers is 2 caps, 2 coils, and a small resistor which makes up a 2nd order crossover with a level matching on the tweeter.

I would not use the Prime on a desk or near field & you MUST use a Sub with them IMHO.

The A1.5 can do everything the Primes can but at a lower cost and a crap ton more bass. The highs are more detailed and separated but not so harsh... no metallic tweeter...and the A1.5 have a impressive crossover. The nice thing is they come with port plugs so they can be very close to a wall or used on a desk top and near field.

I'll be a Chane customer for life.